Is Optical Express part of vision Express?

Is Optical Express part of vision Express?

The company also provides refractive treatments such as lens surgery and cataract surgery. Optical Express is a trading name of DCM (Optical Holdings) Limited which operates as the Optical Express Group….Optical Express.

Trade name Optical Express Group

What is iDesign Optical Express?

iDesign is an innovative system which produces a highly-detailed 3D map of the eye and enhances your treatment. Capturing over 1,200 microscopic eye imperfections, your personalised iDesign map is as unique as your fingerprint.

Is LASIK eye surgery worth it?

LASIK surgery has a good track record. Complications that result in a loss of vision are rare, and most people are satisfied with the results. Certain side effects, particularly dry eyes and temporary visual disturbances (such as glare), are fairly common.

Which eye laser surgery is best?

What Is the Best Laser Eye Surgery for You?

  • LASIK – the most popular procedure.
  • LASEK – when you can’t have LASIK.
  • ReLEx® SMILE – the latest generation of laser eye surgery.
  • PRESBYOND – blending your vision when you need reading glasses.

Do Optical Express do NHS discount?

50% off Glasses and Contact Lenses for NHS, Education Services & Emergency Service Workers.

What is the average cost of lens replacement surgery?

The cost for RLE can range anywhere from $2,500 to $4,500 per eye. In 2019, the average cost of RLE with a standard monofocal implant was $3,783 per eye (according to a large survey of U.S. cataract and refractive surgeons).

How many shops does Optical Express have?

With over 100 locations, Optical Express has the largest network of private clinics in the UK and Ireland, giving our patients the convenience of attending consultations and surgeries close to home. All Optical Express clinics are easy to reach and offer appointment times which are convenient to you.

How long does eye laser surgery last?

How long does laser eye surgery take? You will be in and out of theatre in under 30 minutes, although the length of time that the laser is applied to your eye ranges from just a few seconds to two minutes, depending upon the complexity of your prescription.

Is Vision Express owned by Specsavers?

Vision Express – which is owned by Netherlands-based GrandVision – has seen its purchasing power diminish as a result of sterling’s collapse, as it sources the bulk of its supplies from the EU.

What is the difference between LASIK and LASIK iDesign?

Whether you opt for Lasik or Lasek you’ll be offered ‘standard’ or ‘iDesign’ laser treatment, the standard laser corrects your vision according to your standard vision test. iDesign corrects your vision at more than 1,2000 different points.

What is iDesign laser eye surgery?

This technology allows the surgeon carrying out laser eye surgery to customise your treatment 25 times more accurately than a standard prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Your precise and personalised iDesign treatment is custom-fit to the exact specification of your eye and can be applied to both LASIK and LASEK surgery.

Is the iDesign customised treatment for LASIK worth it?

For patients considering laser eye surgery, the internet can be a confusing place. Most clinics claim to offer the best technology and unbeatable results, but is this really true? A frequently advertised technology is the iDesign customised treatment for Lasik that treats your prescription more accurately than glasses.

Is Optical Express LASIK the same as NASA’s astronauts?

That’s not surprising, as the LASIK technology Optical Express uses is the same type that NASA has approved for use on its astronauts. LASIK surgery can be enhanced by iDesign, which personalises your treatment to achieve the very best results.

What is iDesign and how does it work?

iDesign is a customised treatment option that removes your prescription 25 times more accurately than glasses or contact lenses. It’s an addition to the principal types of laser eye surgery that Optical Express offers. How does iDesign work?