Is Nichiha a good product?

Is Nichiha a good product?

Nichiha offers some of the finest durability in the industry. Wall panels – Nichiha panels are not only easy and quick to install, but they also offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures.

How much does it cost to install Nichiha panels?

Cost to Install Nichiha typically offers competitive pricing, especially compared to other top fiber cement siding brands, such as James Hardie and Allura. In most cases, it will cost about $7.5-10 per sq. ft. on the installation and materials for most of their products.

Is Nichiha siding primed?

Primed Siding for Exterior Protection Fiber cement panels from Nichiha and Hardie both come primed, but Nichiha panels include a second coat of primer for added protection. Even with a double coat of primer, the details of the wood grain on the Nichiha panel still stand out beautifully.

What is Nichiha made of?

Specifically, Nichiha fiber cement panels are made from a patented composite of cement, fly ash, silica, recycled materials and wood fibers.

Where is nichiha made?

‘ Nichiha USA, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary corporation of the Nichiha Corporation, which maintains 11 manufacturing plants in Japan and two in China. The Nichiha Corporation, a technologically advanced worldwide fiber cement company, has been manufacturing fiber cement products in Japan for more than 30 years.

How thick is nichiha siding?

Nichiha gives you the perfect match — the beauty of wood backed by the brawn of fiber cement. THICKNESS (ACTUAL MM) 3/4” (18MM) WEIGHT (LBS. PER PANEL) 41.6 WEIGHT (LBS.

What is Nichi board?

Nichiha’s NichiBoard delivers the look of lap siding and the performance of fiber cement at a price that makes it an outstanding value and an easy choice. Both the cedar and smooth texture products will never warp, rot or fall victim to pests.

Where is nichiha manufactured?

How is fiber cement made?

Fiber cement is a mixture of portland cement, fly ash, water and wood pulp. Each contributes to fiber cement’s unique properties. The wood pulp makes the mixture flexible but also strong. The ash acts as a filler and can get substituted with silica sand.

What size are nichiha panels?

Before you jump into the design process, we recommend taking a minute to familiarize yourself with the dimensions of Nichiha’s family of Architectural Wall Panels. All panels have the same height (455mm) but are either 1818mm or 3030mm wide.

How much do nichiha panels weigh?