Is Mountfield a good lawnmower?

Is Mountfield a good lawnmower?

Mountfield lawn mowers are well-known for their quality and reliability. The Mountfield name has been associated with lawnmowers for nearly 50 years.

What oil do I put in my Mountfield lawn mower?

SAE 30
The type should be 10/30 Lawnmower Grade Oil, otherwise known as SAE 30. Oil needs to be changed after the first 5 hours of use. Running in of the machine can cause minute particles of metal debris in the engine, which an oil change and flush removes safely.

Who owns Mountfield lawn mowers?

The STIGA Group
Designed to provide customers with excellent value for money, Mountfield’s mowers and gardening maintenance top quality tools are known for their reliability. The brand became part of The STIGA Group in 2000. To discover the complete range, visit MOUNTFIELD website.

What oil does a Mountfield sp185 take?

Put Mountfield 4-stroke, or an SAE 10W-30 oil, in the oil filler (Figure 3). Do not overfill. The oil level should not be above the MAX mark on the dipstick.

What engine is in a Mountfield sp454?


Blade type Steel
Engine manufacturer Mountfield
Engine model RM45 OHV
Engine size 140cc
Fuel tank capacity 0.8L

How much oil does a Mountfield lawn mower take?

Put Mountfield 4-stroke, or an SAE 10W-30 oil, in the oil filler (Figure 5). Do not overfill, the oil tank capacity is 0,45 litres.

What do you think about the Mountfield sp535 mower?

I have a uneven 2 acre lawn and the Mountfield sp535 does the work well and the lawn always looks brilliant when it is cut. I love the way it starts first time but it has an awkward grass collector so I just don’t use it. I like the way 1 tank of fuel lasts about 2 hours of mowing. I am very happy with it… Read Full Review

Is the Mountfield SP35 more reliable than a Honda?

I bought the Mountfield SP35 lawn mower, having scoured hundreds of reviews, and I could not find any engine that is more reliable than a Honda. I have had several mowers over the years; from generic DIY store models, to a Lawn King (Briggs and Stratton engine).

What size engine does a Mountfield petrol lawn mower have?

This Mountfield petrol lawn mower is powered by a 160cc overhead valve engine. It has an auto-choke system which is designed to make the machine easy to start.

What is a sp535?

Basically, it’s a big car with a little engine. A Ford Focus trying to be a Range Rover and failing dismally. mountfield marketing call it ‘high specification’ but the SP535 is a spectacular fail. High specification maybe, but low…