Is Morgan Stanley socially responsible?

Is Morgan Stanley socially responsible?

Our firm’s commitment to sustainability informs our operations, governance, risk management, diversity efforts, philanthropy and research. Since our founding in 1935, Morgan Stanley has consistently delivered first-class business in a first-class way. Underpinning all that we do are five core values.

What are Morgan Stanley’s five core values?

Underpinning all that we do are five core values. Everything we do at Morgan Stanley is guided by our five core values: Do the right thing, put clients first, lead with exceptional ideas, commit to diversity and inclusion, and give back.

Is Morgan Stanley an asset manager?

Asset Managers and Sustainable Investing | Morgan Stanley. At Morgan Stanley, we lead with exceptional ideas. Across all our businesses, we offer keen insight on today’s most critical issues. Learn from our industry leaders about how to manage your wealth and help meet your personal financial goals.

Why finance is a force for good?

Author Jeremy Balkin presents the case that the finance industry can improve the state of the world by positively influencing the allocation of capital. The book demonstrates conclusively that, if we can change the culture in finance, we can change the world for the better.

Who started ESG?

The story of ESG investing began in January 2004 when former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wrote to over 50 CEOs of major financial institutions, inviting them to participate in a joint initiative under the auspices of the UN Global Compact and with the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the …

What is Morgan Stanleys mission?

Morgan Stanley mission statement is ‚Äúdedicated to local and global communities since 1935. Our firm was founded with commitment to community as our guiding principle. And we’ve been making a difference ever since.

What are Morgan Stanley assets under management?

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s office at 1585 Broadway on Times Square, New York City
Net income US$11 billion (2020)
AUM US$715 billion (2020)
Total assets US$1,118 billion (2020)
Total equity US$101.78 billion (2020)

Is Morgan Stanley a financial institution?

Morgan Stanley is a leading global investment bank and wealth management firm, employing more than 60,000 people worldwide. The company makes money primarily from three main units: institutional securities, wealth management, and investment management.

What is Morgan Stanley Mission?