Is Monster a good manga?

Is Monster a good manga?

Its the best manga i’ve ever read. The anime i boring in the beginning but it covers almost everything in the manga. I recommend you to read the manga. Its way better than death note for sure.

Is Monster a manga for kids?

The Monster Kid (Japanese: 怪物くん, Hepburn: Kaibutsu-kun, Little Monster) is a shōnen manga and anime series by Fujiko A. Fujio named after its protagonist….The Monster Kid.

Magazine Shōnen King
Demographic Shōnen
Original run January 1965 – May 1969
Volumes 15

Is Monster anime rated R?

Anime “Monster” has rating: R+ – Mild Nudity, meaning it’s for 17+.

What is Monster anime rating?

But Monster lives up to every word of the praise it gets. The story of Monster begins fairly simply. A skilled Neurosurgeon named Kenzo Tenma is due to perform an operation on a patient, but is called away to operate on a popular singer instead….Reviews.

Overall 9
Animation 9
Sound 8
Character 9
Enjoyment 8

Is Monster the best manga ever?

Monster has been critically acclaimed. It won an Excellence Prize in the Manga division at the first Japan Media Arts Festival in 1997, the 46th Shogakukan Manga Award in the General category in 2001, Best Series at the Lucca Comics Awards in 2004, and Grand Prize at the 3rd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2005.

Why is Monster rated TV MA?

Parents need to know that as a film about a teenager imprisoned and on trial for murder, based on the young adult novel by Walter Dean Myers, Monster has some tough scenes of violence and threats of violence. Neighborhood men smoke and steal cigarettes, and Steve’s parents drink wine at home.

Is Monster anime too slow?

Although it is slow at some parts the anime will really get your brain going and make you question morals. It gets better there is more action and by the end you will think that Johan is by far the most fearsome anime villain of all time! Originally Answered: Should I keep watching ‘Monster’?

Is Monster finished manga?

Written and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa, Monster was published in Big Comic Original from December 1994 to December 2001. The 162 chapters were periodically collected into 18 tankōbon volumes published by Shogakukan, the first on 30 June 1995 and the last on 28 February 2002.

What is your review of monster manga?

The story and art is done by Naoki Urasawa, who has won numerous awards for his manga. Which are much deserved. I enjoyed every minute of this manga series. Monster is a thrill ride the whole way.

Is’Monsters Inc’a good manga?

‘Disney Manga: Monsters Inc.’ with art by Hiromi Yamafuji is another in the line of manga adaptations of Disney company films. This time, they missed the mark, though. Mike and his friend Sully are top scarers. When Sully stays late at work and finds a human child, it means trouble.

What is the Monsters Inc comic book?

This is a manga-style comic book of the story of the Monsters Inc. Disney Pixar movie. It reproduces the story of the movie exactly, edited for time, and follows the plot accurately. It is the story of two monsters, Sulley and Mike, who scare children for a living to produce energy in their monster world.

Is Pixar’s Monsters Inc by Hiromi Yamafuji any good?

Disney Manga: Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. by Hiromi Yamafuji is a comic book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. I was disappointed with this book. It had lots of ‘sneak park’s of other books (none of them looked like I wanted to get for grandkids) and then for the story itself the art was half manga looking.