Is Lucy Torres a kleptomania?

Is Lucy Torres a kleptomania?

The husband found out that her [sic] angelic wife, a scion of an old haciendero family, suffers from kleptomania. “It was only recently that he was shocked to learn, after being told by an executive of a ritzy Makati department store, that his wife was caught shoplifting.

How tall is Lucy Torres Gomez?

5′ 7″Lucy Torres-Gomez / Height

Who are the parents of Lucy Torres?

Manuel Torres, Jr.
Julie Martinez
Lucy Torres-Gomez/Parents

What is the name of Richard Gomez daughter?

Juliana Marie Beatriz T. GomezRichard Gomez / Daughter

How old is Dawn Zulueta?

52 years (March 4, 1969)Dawn Zulueta / Age

Is Richard Gomez a Bisaya?

In 2015, he starred in the mystery drama You’re My Home with Dawn Zulueta and an ensemble cast. Aside from his native tongue Tagalog, Gomez is also fluent in English and Cebuano.

Can a kleptomaniac go to jail?

Kleptomania is considered uncommon. However, some people with kleptomania may never seek treatment, or they’re simply jailed after repeated thefts, so some cases of kleptomania may never be diagnosed.

Are the rumors about Lucy Torres and Ces Drilon true?

Newscasters Ces Drilon and Karen Davila conducted an investigation about the rumors focusing on the surveillance tape, which was featured on former ABS-CBN show ‘Ek! Channel’. Lucy Torres didn’t care about it and did not respond to Ces Drilon’s message saying the rumors weren’t true.

Does surveillance tape show Lucy’s shoplifting and arrest?

Richard asked Karen Davila to reveal the “surveillance tape” showing Lucy’s “shoplifting and arrest” by the store guards. Karen said she had no such tape, and claimed she was also a victim of rumormongers.

What happened to Lucy Torres-Gomez?

The “Lucy Torres-Gomez shoplifting incident” grew even louder when shows and people from the TV network ABS-CBN picked up the rumor. The now-defunct showbiz-oriented ABS-CBN show Ek! Channel began running a story about the rumor in January 2005, complete with reenactment. ABS-CBN newscasters Ces Drillon and Karen Davila also touched on the rumor.

Was Lucy Torres-Gomez caught shoplifting in Rustan’s?

Rustan’s Department Store, responding to a query made by the GMA-7’s S-Files, issued this official statement made by its own president Bienvenido Tantoco Jr. “It has come to our attention that there are rumors circulating that Mrs. Lucy Torres-Gomez was caught shoplifting in Rustan’s.