Is LE6920 a M4?

Is LE6920 a M4?

Colt’s LE6920 series shares many features of its combat-proven brother, the Colt M4. Ships with Magpul MBUS (no carry handle) and a 30-round Magpul PMAG.

Is Colt LE6920 direct impingement?

While we are on the subject of the internals of the LE6920, the carbine employs the traditional direct gas impingement system (DGIS) of operation. This means that gas is tapped directly from the bore through a port in the barrel. Colt’s LE6920 features a carbine-length gas system under its polymer handguards.

What is the difference between the colt LE6920 and the le6921?

The Model LE6921 is a semi-automatic version of the LE6920 that is equipped with a 14.5-inch barrel, while the LE6920 is a semi-automatic civilian legal Colt carbine with a 16.1-inch barrel. From experience I can say that the Colt LE6920 is an outstanding semi-automatic M4-style carbine.

What is the colt Le 6940?

The Colt LE6940 is chambered in 5.56mm and incorporates additional Mil-Spec features in its design. In addition, the Colt LE 6920 and the Colt LE 6940 also have a reversible selector switch. This tidbit of information is important for law enforcement agencies and individual officers who are left handed.

What kind of barrel does the SOCOM LE6920 have?

As with its ancestors in the M4/AR15 family, the LE6920 SOCOM is chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO and uses the direct gas system, working off a locking bolt. The aluminum receiver is anodized black and the 16.1″ barrel is chrome lined with a 1:7″ right-hand twist.

Is the SOCOM LE6920 SOCOM the civilian version of the M16?

In sum, the LE6920 SOCOM is about as close as it’s possible for a civilian to come to the original military issue. At 7.0 lbs (with magazine), ambidextrous safety, standard metal sights and rails for additional sights, it has the same feel and functionality (minus the full-auto option, of course). It accepts standard M16/AR15 magazines, of course.