Is K12 available in Indiana?

Is K12 available in Indiana?

K12-powered online public schools in Indiana are tuition-free. * They follow the same school year schedule as other Indiana public schools. And state-licensed teachers instruct students and provide academic support.

What age is K-12 in education?

The K-12 system stands for ‘from kindergarten to 12th grade’. This equates roughly to a school starting age of around five through to Grade 12 at around the age of 18. The system is broken down into three stages: elementary school (Grades K–5), middle school (Grades 6–8) and high school (Grades 9–12).

Can kids in Indiana go to any school?

Open enrollment refers to whether parents can send their children to any public school, regardless of where it is located. In Indiana, parents have restricted open enrollment; so, students can request to transfer to any public school of their choice, provided the school has a policy allowing for open enrollment.

What is K-12 curriculum?

K-12 curriculum can refer to the courses or subjects taught in school from grades kindergarten through twelve. As it is used in the field of education, K-12 curriculum usually refers to the specific learning objectives and activities experienced by students in grades kindergarten through twelve.

What is Zoom K-12?

This enables robust collaboration and engagement tools for any school or district K-12. Administrators, teachers, parents and students have access to: Unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants. HD audio and video.

How do I home school my child in Indiana?

How to Start Homeschooling in Indiana

  • Withdraw your student from his/her school (if currently enrolled)
  • Choose whether or not to register your student with the Department of Education (it is not legally mandatory)
  • Choose your students learning materials (in Indiana, homeschool curriculum choice is up to the parents)

Is unschooling legal in Indiana?

From age 7 to 18 (or until graduation), Indiana law makes school attendance compulsory. Homeschooling is a legal way to fulfill the attendance requirement, and homeschools are considered equivalent to non-accredited private schools in the state.

Is it illegal to not send your child to school in Indiana?

Indiana’s compulsory education laws require kids between the ages of seven and 16 (so long as the exit interview requirement is met) to attend school. In addition, an Indiana superintendent is empowered to pursue criminal prosecutions of parents for non-enrollment of a child.