Is J24 a good boat?

Is J24 a good boat?

A J-24 would be an excellent boat for what you want to do. They have good light air performance and so are nice boats on the Sound. A $5K J-24 is not likely to be in competitive condition and would need a fair amount (sails and bottom fairing) to go racing.

Does J24 have a head?

The boat does not come equipped with a head. To avoid the extra drag of a through-hull fitting, portable heads are often used.

How many people can sail on a J24?

The J/24 class has more than 50,000 people sailing 5,500 boats worldwide; is established in 27 countries with well and is the world’s most popular one design keelboat….J/24.

Keel/board type Fixed
Rig type Fractional rig

How fast is a J24 sailboat?

J/24s love a breeze upwind or down. The J can carry a full main comfortably up to 20 knots true wind speed. The keel is a fairly high-aspect-ratio keel and the rudder is outboard with no balance at all….Boat Specifications.

LOA 24′
LWL 20′
Beam 8.92′
Draft 4′
Displacement 2700 lbs.

Does a J24 have a toilet?

The cabin is snug and doesn’t offer standing head room, but there’s a V-berth, two quarterberths, a portable toilet, portable ice chest, sink with small counter and a few equipment lockers—just enough for a weekend cruise.

Where are J/24 boats made?

Since her humble beginnings in 1976 in the garage of an amateur designer, thousands of boats have been sold from factories in Rhode Island, California, Australia, Japan, Italy, England, France, Brazil and Argentina. All of the builders are licensed by a company called J-Boats to build the J/24 to strict one-design tolerances.

Where can I sail J/24 in Europe?

Strong J/24 countries in Europe include Italy, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, the UK, Ireland, and France. In Germany, a lot of boats are owned by clubs that fund youth teams. What kind of sailors do best in the J/24 class?

When did the J 24 get the companionway and forward hatches?

In January of 1980, the J/24 got much-improved companionway and forward hatches. The hatches on older boats were molded of thin fiberglass, and had a tendency to leak and fracture under the weight of heavy crew members. The new forward hatches are lexan, and the companionway hatch is now much heavier with a lower profile.

What is a J/24?

The J/24 is a one design’s one design. Like the Laser, Windsurfer, and Hobie Cat, she is proprietary-built under the supervision of one company. Unlike most proprietary one designs, sails are not provided by the J/24’s builder. This was a particularly astute move by the Johnstones as it involved sailmakers in the class.