Is it cheating if students help each other for doing an assignment

Can you consider helping each other cheating when working on the assignment

Those people who have been working for some time know that sometimes the student assignments are one of the worst for an author. There are many reasons to think so. First, the tasks are often stacked into a big pile meaning that there is not that much time to do everything at once. The other reason why student tasks are difficult is the problem of the topic. Sure, sometimes the topics are just weird and really tough, meaning that not everyone can cope with the task easily. Therefore, some students try to get a way to do the task in a better way. The other thing they look for is efficiency. Students want their tasks to be done in the shortest possible way and in the fastest period of time. Therefore, some of them actually cheat by using their own ways. Yet, the other just try to get through a tough task. So, they ask their classmates about how to do something in the task. Yet, many teachers for some reason consider that to be a kind of cheating. Therefore, this article is here to help struggling students realize that the help of others is not cheating.

  1. The difficulty

Just like said before, the difficulty is something that often requires the students to ask their mates how to do something. Sure, sometimes that is not needed, as the task is not as difficult as it seems at first. Yet, in most cases, if a student thinks that the task is way too much for them, it is the truth. Yet, the teachers do not realize this, so they think that it is cheating to just ask a friend of yours. However, they are the ones that turn students’ heads to their friends for help. That is because the teachers do not help much during the task. They often say something like “You must know this, so I will not help you”. That leads to the student asking for some help aside. Sure, there are cases when asking a friend is kind of cheating. Yet, that is only when you are taking a test, so you actually need to know the topic. Other than that, you cannot really prove that a person is cheating, as they are just getting advice on something. A student might not even use it in their text.

  1. No other choice

That is a problem that often happens when doing homework. Student starts doing an assignment and all of a sudden, they face a problem with, for example, a program. That usually leads to some Internet research. Yet, not every research is successful, meaning that the student is still left without an actual answer to their question. That brings them to their friends, as they are trying to solve the problem. Sometimes a friend who is doing the same task might have an answer to a problem. That will not really affect the thinking of the student, but the teachers still feel like that is the cheating example, as a tiny part of the program is still a part of it. As a result, such a problem often leads the students to the assignment writing service, as their only way to turn in the task.

  1. Time

This reason to ask your friend something is the closest to the cheating, yet still not under the definition of the cheating. Sometimes you are in a situation that requires you to take any action that you can. One of such cases is the situation when you have no time left until the deadline to finish everything. That makes you ask your friend to do a part of the work, while you are doing another one. That is technically cheating, but sometimes that is the only way to avoid the deadline miss. Moreover, in many cases, the student is not somebody who missed the deadline. It is the teacher that gave too much stuff for the students to work on. Therefore, instead of turning their sights to the online services, students try to do everything by themselves as much as possible.