Is Inchicore a rough area?

Is Inchicore a rough area?

Inchicore has long been a quiet, mature neighbourhood, which is a huge draw.

What Dublin is Inchicore in?

Dublin 8
Geography. 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) west of the city centre, south of the River Liffey, west of Kilmainham, north of Drimnagh and east of Ballyfermot, most of Inchicore is in the Dublin 8 postal district; parts of the area extend into Dublin 10 and Dublin 12.

What’s Inchicore like to live in?

Inchicore has a real cross-section of society with a strong old Dublin community and plenty of younger international people moving in. There are more chippers than you could shake a stick at but there are also whispers of hipster cafes on the way. It’s a great location to cycle the canal or take the Luas into town.

How many people live in Inchicore?


Name Status Population Census 2016-04-24
Inchicore A Electoral Division 2,392
Inchicore A 2,392 Population [2016] – Census 1.001 km² Area 2,389/km² Population Density [2016] 1.7% Annual Population Change [2011 → 2016]
County Dublin 1,347,359

Is Ballyfermot north or south side?

Ballyfermot is part of the Dublin South-Central Dáil constituency.

What part of Dublin is D5?

Dublin 5 (D5) Dublin 5 includes most of Artane, central Coolock, Harmonstown, Kilbarrack, Killester, and Raheny.

Is there a casino in Dublin Ireland?

Dublin, Ireland has 20 casinos in which you’ll find more than 823 slots and gaming machines. There are a total of 35 table games. Click a casino on the left for more information on a particular property. There is poker in Dublin! You will find over 37 live poker tables to play at.

What hotels are in Dublin Ireland?

The hotel is just around the corner from O’Connell Street and the restaurant and coffee bar will be open for guests to use. Breakfast is available at an extra cost of €19. Arlington Hotel, O´Connell Bridge. A double room in the Arlington Hotel is going for just €89 per night this weekend.

What are the seasons in Dublin Ireland?

The idea is that, due to women having done all the work of the holiday season, once it’s over, they get to put their feet up. January 6 marks the end of the festive season in a lot of Christian countries—the last of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Is Dublin the largest city of Ireland?

Dublin is both the largest city and capital of Ireland. It is located near the midpoint of Ireland’s east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey and at the centre of the Dublin Region. Founded as a Viking settlement, the city has been Ireland’s primary city for most of the island’s history since medieval times.