Is hive a good game?

Is hive a good game?

The verdict is in. Hive is a great game. Easy to teach, a good amount of strategy, durable pieces, and it’s really fun to boot. Even your friends who hate bugs will love to play Hive!

What games are on the hive Minecraft?


  • Hide and Seek. Hide and Seek is one of the three games originally launched on Hive’s release.
  • DeathRun. DeathRun was originally made by The Hive on Java Edition but was ported over to Bedrock Edition for release.
  • Treasure Wars.
  • Murder Mystery.
  • Survival Games.
  • Just Build.
  • SkyWars.

Is hive a good game for adults?

Hive is an excellent game. I could not recommend the game itself any more highly. I learned about Hive through a recommendation from Google Play Store, and once I’d played a few games in an app, I was completely hooked and had to get the physical game. The strategy required…the thought provoked…it’s amazing.

Can I play Hive online?

Hive is a board game with a difference. As more and more pieces are added the game becomes a fight to see who can be the first to capture (surround) the opposing Queen Bee. Features: Play locally or online.

What is hive venom?

Hive: Venom – Includes all the original pieces in addition to some new creatures on the reverse sides. It can be played with Hive Original or any of the expansions and even allows you to place your opponent’s pieces!

How long does a game of Hive take?

Hive (game)

Designers John Yianni
Publishers Gen42 Games
Players 2
Playing time 20 minutes
Random chance None

Can you play Hive solo?

Absolutely! You can utilize Hive Solo on your own or with one additional collaborator. But at its core, Hive is built for teams—you will get the most out of the productivity and collaboration features by working with others.

What’s the new hive game?

New Game: Just Build Just Build is a Build-Battle style minigame where you get 5 minutes to build your interpretation of a randomly chosen theme!

Can you win Hive with Beetle on Queen?

Yes, you can do that. It will prevent the opponent moves their Queen. It also help us to move our pieces from our stack directly to their Queen thus reducing one step(since our Beetle is on top of their Queen, it’s now counting as our color).

What does the Mosquito do in Hive?

Once in play, a Mosquito can take on the movement ability of any creature of either colour that it is touching at the start of its move (a stack with a Beetle on top counting as a Beetle for this purpose), thus changing its movement characteristics throughout the game.

How do you play hive?

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How to play hive pocket?

Queen Bee. The Queen Bee can move only one space per turn.

  • Beetle. The Beetle,like the Queen Bee,moves only one space per turn.
  • Grasshopper. The Grasshopper does not move around the outside of the Hive like the other creatures.
  • Spider. The Spider moves three spaces per turn – no more,no less.
  • Soldier Ant.
  • What is the server of the hive?

    Chiquito. Chiquito,in Unit 5,has a score of 4 from 651 reviews.

  • Bon Pan Asian. Bon Pan Asian,in Unit 8,has an overall four stars from 1,074 reviews but seems to have had a bad run of ratings with eight one
  • Nando’s. Nando’s,based in Unit 1 at The Hive,has a score of 3.5 from 251 reviews.
  • The Burger Priest.