Is Gus Hansen good at poker?

Is Gus Hansen good at poker?

Gus Hansen was one of the best-known faces in the poker scene during the late 2000s. Nicknamed “The Great Dane”, Hansen took the poker world by surprise, introducing a very bold and aggressive style of play. Big bluffs and seemingly crazy moves left other players and fans perplexed – but they worked.

How did Gus Hansen make his money?

When he was in his mid-twenties, Hansen decided to embark on a poker journey that brought him fame and fortune. That journey is still ongoing and he seems to have no intention to retire. As of 2020, with a WSOP bracelet and three WPT titles, Gus Hansen is one of the most successful players in the history of the game.

How Gus Hansen went broke?

And to make matters worse, Gus was losing a lot of money playing online poker. Without the financial backing of Full Tilt, Gus was quickly squandering his fortune away, reportedly losing more than 21 millions dollars on online poker. The most anyone has ever lost.

What is Gus Hansen doing today?

He currently lives in Monaco in the south of Europe and travels around the world playing poker. But he is looking for a new home in Denmark. In October of 2020, Gus and his girlfriend Malan had a child.

How much has Brad Owen made from poker?

Bradley Owen

Winnings $47,172
Cashes 14
Bracelets 0
Final Tables 0

What happened to Gus Hansen?

Gus Hansen has one of the craziest poker careers of all times. This child prodigy went from the top of the world to losing over 20 million dollars and having to get a regular job as an accountant. A meteoric rise and an unreal fall. This is the crazy story of an absolute legend, Gus Hansen.

How did Gus Johnson get sponsored by Full Tilt Poker?

Shortly after appearing on that show, Gus signed a sponsorship with Full Tilt Poker. He appeared in numerous videos for the brand and sported their logo on his shirts for every game he competed in. Full Tilt also agreed to provide his financial backing in exchange for him playing exclusively on their site.

Where is Gus from backgammon now?

Always eager to find new challenges, and having beaten every backgammon player in Denmark, Gus chose to enroll in the University of California, Santa Cruz. Alright, so, Gus was now in the US, enjoying the sun and life of California.