Is FZ16 good for long rides?

Is FZ16 good for long rides?

I felt that the performance of its braking system is quite satisfactory for a maximum speed the bike can attain. Overall, Yamaha FZ can be a nice partner for your weekend rides and the reasons are the styling, riding position, decent performance and braking, plush suspension set-up and the chunky rear tyre.

Is Yamaha FZ reliable?

2100km report: Our long-term Yamaha FZ-S proves itself as a capable, reliable motorcycle to ride on a daily basis.

Is Yamaha FZS Fi a good bike?

The vehicle is perfect for daily users. Have found that it can give better mileage than any other in the 150 series. Power is not so much but can give a smooth ride in the city.

How is fzs v3 Quora?

Fzs v3 is fair enough family oriented bike as of now. Compare to v1 and v2 , v3 has lower suspension and wider seat which seems to like scooty on back side. MT15 trending design for international market. Naked sport bike with most all feature for engine is covered.

Is the Yamaha FZ suitable for me?

Click on the given link and select your desired city for service centre . Q. I am 5.4 feet, is yamaha fz suitable for me Yes, it’s suitable for 5.4 height but keep in mind that you must have enough strength to handle it since it’s having good amount of weight and you may find it somewhat uncomfortable specially while reversing it.

When will the next generation Yamaha FZ be released?

Listening… Didn’t get that Yamaha is expected to launchthe next generation FZ series by early 2019. It will come with a new muscular design, new LED headlamps and new features.

Is the FZ FI good for 5ft 5in height?

My height is 5ft 5inch and i am very comfortly drive and handle. Q. Is this good for long ride – FZ FI? It’s great for long ride but for pillon it can be little bit rough and discomfort where the pillion will feel numb in his back after 2 to 3 hours .

What is the difference between Fz and FZS?

& There is no gear indicator in fz. Fz & FZs are same by the performance, But Different in Colours. FZ is a plain solid coloured bike & FZS is a Graphics designed bike.