Is full-spectrum light good for aquarium plants?

Is full-spectrum light good for aquarium plants?

To be honest, color spectrum doesn’t matter that much when it comes to growing aquarium plants because they can thrive under a wide range of Kelvin. Simply speaking, you can choose a light with just about any color spectrum as long as it’s not too blue (such as those used for raising saltwater corals).

What is full-spectrum aquarium light?

Full-spectrum light bulbs are sometimes called daylight bulbs because the light they emit is similar to natural daylight. These bulbs emit light at all visible wavelengths and they are a good general purpose type of lighting for aquariums.

Do full-spectrum lights cause algae?

Full-spectrum lights try to resemble daylight—and the longer you have them on, the more likely it is for algae to break out. You can even get a dimmer color, such as blue, to reduce the chances that a white LED light may have of causing algae (even though they are already very slim).

Is fluval aquasky full-spectrum?

Fluval Aquasky 2.0 Bluetooth 24/7 LED However, the lights are fully customizable and dimmable and have a full array of RGB LEDs allowing you to adjust red, green and blue light spectrum to make it look best for your tank.

Can I use normal LED lights for aquarium?

Short answer, yes! Long answer, it depends. As long as the LED’s emit the necessary spectrum’s of light that your aquatic plants need, they’ll grow just fine. It’s one the most vital things you’re going to purchase for your tank so you have to make the right choice.

Will aquarium plants grow under LED lights?

LED lighting has made amazing progress in the growth of exotic plants with some higher-end fixtures, but even the most inexpensive LED fixtures specifically made for aquariums will be adequate for successful and healthy plant growth in a community aquarium.

Are blue lights good for aquarium?

Blue light is harmful to fish if it is incorrectly used. However, most fishkeepers use blue lighting in their tanks with no ill effects. Remember to use aquarium-safe products only, and give your fish 12 hours with the lighting on and 12 hours with it off, every day.

Do LED lights make algae grow?

Lighting. The type of lighting you are using can greatly affect the growth of nuisance algae in a system. Lighting that has a high amount of green and yellow can increase nuisance algae growth. Orphek LED systems do not use LEDs that promote nuisance algae growth.