Is CAS fee refundable?

Is CAS fee refundable?

The CAS deposit is non-refundable except in one or several of the following circumstances: In the event of an error/default by Ravensbourne.

How do I drop out of Aston University?

You can request a Leave of Absence (Suspension of Study) from your student home page on MAP. You will need to give a brief explanation of your reasons for suspending your studies and can upload any supporting evidence you have available.

How do I accept Aston offers?

Complete your acceptance by following these 3 simple steps

  1. Fill out your acceptance. Fill out the form below to accept your placement.
  2. Make your payment. Make your payment or provide evidence of PG loan or sponsorship.
  3. Welcome confirmation. You wil recieve a confirmation of your acceptance and a receipt.

What is a university credit note?

Credit notes (right) are issued by the Finance Directorate to notify you of a reduction in the amount that you owe to the University.

What is CAS deposit?

Your deposit is an advance payment of tuition fees and will be deducted from the fees charged to you after you register for your course. Paying the CAS deposit will then enable us to issue your CAS document as early as possible which you will need in order to make a student visa application.

What is leave of absence from university?

2.2 A Leave of Absence can be defined as a pause in studies when a student temporarily and formally, and with the agreement of the university authorities, disengages from their studies at the university.

Is attendance important at uni?

Studies have shown that a good attendance record has a positive impact on performance and is therefore an important factor in helping students achieve and complete their programme.

Does Aston University give unconditional?

Aston makes a small number of pre-results unconditional offers each year to applicants who demonstrate, via the UCAS form, exceptional potential to succeed at the university. A number of our degree programmes, such as Medicine, Pharmacy, and Optometry, are excluded from our pre-results unconditional offer scheme.

How long does it take to get an offer from Aston University?

Our team will aim to make a decision within 5 working days, however during busier periods this may take longer. Please note if you have applied for an MBA course, you will be invited to an interview if you meet the entry requirements.

What is a fee sponsor?

A sponsor is a company or organisation, such as a government agency or charity, which has agreed to pay all or part of your tuition fee. If your sponsor is only paying part of your fee, you will need to pay the rest by one of the regular payment methods.

What is a tuition fee sponsor?

What is a sponsor? A sponsor is an employer, or a government body. It is not a relative unless the relative is paying through their official company. If a student is receiving direct payment of a scholarship then they are still classed as a self-paying student.