Is Bocote a good tonewood?

Is Bocote a good tonewood?

Is bocote a good guitar tonewood? Bocote is an articulate tonewood with full-bodied overtones from the bass to the treble range. Its sustain is present but not overbearing, and its figuring is remarkably beautiful. It is expensive and rare in guitars but is a good choice for fretboards, tops/veneers or backs/sides.

Is Bocote wood good for guitars?

Bocote is considered as an exotic wood due to its sound an appearance. It also presents a high density and stability, a good sustain and a great ability to reflect the instrument sound. This last feature makes it perfect for acoustic guitar sides.

Which fretboard material is best?

Ebony fretboards are generally favored by guitarists who prefer a very bright, razor sharp top end, or a very tight, well-defined low end. It is also a great choice if you’d like the crisper sound of a maple board, but without the sticky finish.

Can I stain my fretboard?

If you think the fretboard isn’t dark enough, apply more stain and wait another 10 – 30 minutes, then wipe the stuff off. Let the fret dry at least 8 hours (overnight is good). A nice deep dark finish on your fretboard!

What is the best wood for a guitar fingerboard?

Rosewood Fretboards Rosewood is used in guitars of virtually every brand from Gibson to Ibanez to PRS to Fender. Due to how common the wood is, and how inexpensive it is, rosewood is probably the most versatile wood for manufacture to make fingerboards.

Is my guitar fretboard finished?

“Finished” would be like a Strat maple fretboard. It will have some sort of a hard, smooth coating (finish) to protect the wood. An unfinished fretboard would be a rosewood or ebony fretboard, something where the actual wood is exposed, with no coating (finish) on top of it. Maple fretboards will be finished.

What is a Bocote wood?

Bocote is an exotic wood native to Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. It features a wide range of grain patterns from straight to wild, with curved lines and swirls. It is a hard, heavy, and dense wood, strong and stiff, with a medium texture.

Does fretboard wood matter?

In Short. As you can tell, there’s definitely more that matters when it comes to the wood used for fretboards. Some guitarists may over-exaggerate the effect on the overall sound, but no one can deny that each type of wood looks uniquely different.