Is B5 made by Bravo Company?

Is B5 made by Bravo Company?

B5 sopmod stock Of course I’m satisfied it’s made by bcm. Very little play on the stock although there is some. It is light weight, feels good and has an awesome check weld for quick and consistent shots.

Is the B5 SOPMOD?

B5 Systems developed Sopmod Buttstock was born from the unique needs of Special Operation Forces. B5 Systems has taken the venerable design of the Sopmod Buttstock and incorporated the features sought by military professionals and firearm enthusiasts.

Who makes B5 stock?

Bravo Stock – B5 Systems.

What is B5 stock?

The B5 Systems Bravo Stack Mil-Spec Diameter, is streamlined for users who want optimal performance without unnecessary bells and whistles. The Bravo SOPMOD stock is the lightest, most effective design of its kind. The minimalist engineering and angled butt stock ensure quick and consistent placement.

What does Sopmod stand for?

Special Operations Peculiar MODification
The Special Operations Peculiar MODification (SOPMOD) kit is an accessory system for the M4A1 carbine, CQBR, FN SCAR Mk 16/17, HK416 and other weapons used by United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

What is B5 ar15?

When was the M4 SOPMOD made?

With advancing technologies in optics and laser systems, there was a desire to produce a more effective and modular weapon, and that’s where the M4 platform excelled with the introduction of the Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD) Program which had been growing since the late 80’s and began production in …

When was the Sopmod stock invented?

In 2009, B5 Systems stepped in and won a contract with the US Army to produce the SOPMOD stock.

What does SOPMOD stand for?

Who makes the SOPMOD stock?

LMT’s commercial MSRP for the stock is $199, making it a rather pricey option when compared to other aftermarket stocks. In 2009, B5 Systems stepped in and won a contract with the US Army to produce the SOPMOD stock.

What is a Bravo SOPMOD?

Mark Keller, B5 Systems: The B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD stock was built as an improvement to the SOPMOD and the Enhanced SOPMOD, which was originally developed to hold batteries. And remember, that was early GWOT…now fast-forward 10 years…the need to swap out and replace batteries as quickly as you once did isn’t there.

Why is the B5 systems Bravo SOPMOD so popular?

Having a more comfortable place to physically place your cheek against the firearm aids in the aiming of the weapon, quicker follow-up shots, the ability to lay behind the weapon if you’re in a prone or static position. The ergonomics and the angle is really the driving force of that design. Q: Can you talk about the B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD?

Why do builders use the Bravo?

That way, when the stock is seated or fully closed, you have a little bit of dead space. That way if you are running a single-point sling off the rear of the gun, the stock fully collapses… Q: So, the Bravo is an evolution that actually has some benefits for builders over the SOPMOD, depending on their needs.

What is a “SOPMOD” stock?

It just so happened that one of the ancillary benefits of adding storage there is that the stock had a tremendous cheek profile and ergonomics. The actual original name or designation is not the “SOPMOD” stock or “Crane” stock, but “Sloping Cheek Weld” is the actual government designation for the SOPMOD stock.