Is Agastache easy to grow from seed?

Is Agastache easy to grow from seed?

Agastache is easy to grow directly seeded into the garden. You can plant seeds in spring or in fall. Fall planted seeds will stay dormant all winter and sprout at the appropriate time in spring.

Is anise hyssop easy to grow from seed?

It is easy to grow from seed Anise Hyssop seeds germinate very easily! Just give them a bit of cold stratification and plant them on the surface of the soil in early Spring and you will get very high germination rates!

How do you grow Agastache in blue fortune?

Tips for growing Agastache Agastache are sun loving plants with aromatic foliage and flowers. They bloom from mid-summer into early fall and are resistant to rabbits and deer. Provide a fast draining soil that’s naturally low in fertility, Don’t plant into clay soils. Plant in full hot sun.

Is Agastache and hyssop the same?

Although there are both called hyssop, one plant is in the genus Agastache and the other is Hyssopus. This was also a great reminder that common names can be confusing since there is often more than one common name per plant and that same name may be used for other plants as well.

Does blue fortune Hyssop spread?

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is a European hybrid hyssop known for is vigor, cold hardiness, and adaptability to grow across much of the US….Blue Fortune Agastache.

Zones 4 – 10
Light Requirements Full Sun
Water Tolerance Low-Water
Mature Height 36″ tall
Mature Spread 18″ wide

How do you plant Hyssop Blue Fortune?

Easily grown in full sun, in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils. Good drainage is particularly important. Prefers alkaline soil, but will tolerate poor, acid conditions. This Agastache variety is more tolerant of cold winters and wet soils than other Agastaches.