Is ABF a good engine?

Is ABF a good engine?

Re: whats great about abf It is one of VW’s great motors. I rate it alongside the VR6, G40, G60, W12, 1.9TDI and the humble air cooled Beetle motors. ABF would have been a legend if only released as an upgrade for the Kr. Vr6 will always be the greatest thing that ever happened to the Mk3.

What is a ABF engine?

ABF is basically the 9A with electronic fuel injection and not k-jetronic etc. The KR revs higher than the ABF and 9A and is quicker in revs (Revs better than the others) I fitted an Electronic Fuel Management System to my Golf KR Engine with Golf VR6 Injectors 190cc and…. 109KW (On the flywheel)

What is a VW 9A engine?

The 9A is the original 2.0l 16v engine and is nearly identical to the Audi 3A (2.0l 8v) engine of the late 80s. Its block height is 16mm shorter than the ABA and has rods that are also 16mm shorter. The crankshaft of the ABA, 3A, and 9A all have the same stroke which is 92.8mm.

Which car has the ABF engine?


Description English: Volkswagen Golf Mk3 GTI 16V engine (code: ABF), 2.0 Litre 16 valve 110 kW (150 bhp) Dansk: VW Golf III GTI 16V 2.0 110 kW (150 HK) motor (Motorkendebogstaver: ABF) Deutsch: VW Golf III GTI 16V 2.0 110 kW (150 PS) Motor (MKB: ABF)
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What are the parts of a ABF 16v engine?

ABF crank. Long rods. 84mm pop up pistons pocketed. Arp rod bolts. Schadeck oil pump. Windage tray. New sump. Complete bottom end is fully balanced and has done under 100kms. Cylinder head has a lot of wor Brand new abf 16v angled cap for sale. Whatsapp 0788002999 … Read More

Is there a 16V head conversion for the ABA motor?

Watch out normally aspirated VR6’s, VR6-T and up-rated 1.8T’s The 2.0 Slow might just blow your doors off! Until now, the 16V head conversion for the ABA motor (MKIII 2.0L) was an elusive project. Most people know that the 16V head is a much better and higher flowing unit than the stock MKIII 8V cross flow head.

What do you need for a 16V fuel rail conversion?

BBM 16v Fuel Rail, FPR Adapter, and Injector Cups This is the best way to provide the proper fuel delivery for this conversion. This makes using the OEM style injectors and Fuel Pressure Regulator a direct bolt on. ABF / 16V Timing Belt This timing belt is the perfect fit and length for this conversion.