Is a Pick 6 in football good?

Is a Pick 6 in football good?

The pick 6 in football is one of the most exciting plays in football. Pick 6’s swing the momentum toward the defense and allow them to score points without needing the offense. Defensive backs and linebackers are the main positions on defense that can often be seen scoring a pick 6.

Is a Pick 6 a touchdown?

A pick six (pick 6) is a play in football in which the quarterback throws an interception which is returned for a touchdown. The term pick six is derived from a slang term for interceptions being called ‘picks’ and a touchdown being worth six points.

What is a Pick 6 in a football game?

interception returned
Pick 6 (American football), an interception returned for a touchdown.

How many players have gotten 6 touchdowns in a game?


Player TD Boxscore
Gale Sayers+ 6 Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers, December 12, 1965
Dub Jones 6 Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears, November 25, 1951
Jonathan Taylor 5 Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills, November 21, 2021
Jamaal Charles 5 Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders, December 15, 2013

Who has the most Pick 6?


Player Pick6 Tm
Joe Namath+ 28 nyj
Drew Brees 27 2TM
Peyton Manning+ 27 2TM
Matthew Stafford 27 2TM

What is meant by Pick 6?

Definition of pick-six 1 : a system of betting (as on horse races) in which the bettor must pick the winners of six consecutive races …

What’s a pick 6?

Who has throw 7 TDs in an NFL game?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles tied the NFL single-game record for touchdown passes by throwing for seven scores in Sunday’s 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders.

How many Pick 6s has Brady thrown?

17 pick-sixes
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has thrown 17 pick-sixes in his career. The LA Rams had to have vetted Stafford and his vulnerability to throw interceptions for touchdowns at a rate that dwarfs that of other NFL quarterbacks.

How many Pick 6s did Ed Reed have?

His 64 regular season interceptions ranked him 6th on the NFL’s all-time leader list at the time of his retirement. Reed is considered to be one of the greatest safeties in NFL history, and was often referred to as a “ball hawk” during his prime.

What is a pick 6 in football?

A ‘Pick 6’ is when the defending team’s player intercepts the ball and performs a touchdown. It sounds simple enough to read, but a ‘Pick 6’ is one of the rarest moves you’ll see in a game. Immediately upon intercepting a pass, everyone on defense becomes a blocker.

What is a pick two in the NFL?

When a defense returns an interception to the end zone, it doesn’t consistently score six points. If they achieve this feat during an extra point attempt or a two-point conversion, they will complete a defensive two-point conversion or a “Pick Two.” The Pick Two only became possible in the NFL after a rule change in the 2015-2016 season.

Where did the term “pick six” originate?

Most sources suggest that the term originated sometime in the early 2000s. Common wisdom suggests that the phrase came about as broadcasting shorthand for saying a defensive player “got a pick and six points” due to an interception return for a touchdown. The “six” in the term “Pick Six” refers to the number of points scored on the play.

Who has scored the most touchdowns as a defensive player?

Rod Woodson, a safety and cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, and Oakland Raiders, has the most touchdowns by a defensive player with 12.