Is a GPU a daughterboard?

Is a GPU a daughterboard?

A daughter-board is a circuit board connected to the motherboard that does “motherboardy” things. So, a graphics card is not considered a daughterboard, but a card that adds USB ports could be considered a daughter-board (as opposed to an expansion card).

What does a daughterboard do?

A daughterboard (or daughter board , daughter card , or daughtercard ) is a circuit board that plugs into and extends the circuitry of another circuit board. The term is commonly used by manufacturers of wavetable daughterboards that attach to existing sound cards.

What is difference between motherboard and daughterboard?

A daughter board is an extension of features, while motherboard is the one bringing the units of embedded system together. For example, a motherboard is something which will interface a controller with an A-to-D converter chip, or a block to receive power from an adapter or maybe response ports.

What is riser card used for?

A Riser Card is a printed circuit board that gives a computer motherboard the option for additional expansion cards to be added to the computer.

What does a daughterboard look like?

Like a motherboard, a daughterboard has sockets, pins, plugs and connectors to be attached to other boards. Typically, daughterboards are released as a post-launch update to a motherboard or expansion card. For example, a MIDI daughterboard is used to add on the functionality of the sound card.

What is a daughterboard in computer?

A printed circuit board that plugs into another printed circuit board, which plugs into the main board (motherboard). Daughterboards, also called “mezzanine cards,” augment the capabilities of the card they plug into.

Is there a Fatherboard and a daughterboard?

Motherboards have sockets, fatherboards have plugs. It would seem that daughterboards too should have sockets and sonboards have would plugs too. Electronics has long recognized the male and female gender on connectors.

Is there a Fatherboard?

The “Fatherboard” is a new device that could revolutionize handheld computing. While a motherboard holds all the ‘stuff’ you need to run a typical computer, the Fatherboard has everything you need to run your computer on your PDA!

Is there a father board?

You cannot have a Father board. Simple reason – Moms are multi tasking Gurus, Fathers can only handle one stuff at a time. You ask them more than 1 thing at once and boom they flare up. Moms are more forgiving and accommodating! Hence proved MotherBoard > FatherBoard.

Is RAM slot PCI?

DIMM = dual inline memory module. That’s actually the memory stick itself, not the slot. PCI isn’t the slot either though.