Is 8 miles appropriate for an 11 year old?

Is 8 miles appropriate for an 11 year old?

I love this movie! But watch out parents, no little kids allowed! Violence, Sex, Language, Drugs and Alcohol all play a roll.

Is the movie 8 Mile Rated R?

8 Mile [2002] [R] – 6.5.

Is 8 miles a true story of Eminem?

Eminem didn’t exactly have an ideal childhood. 8 Mile is a film loosely based on the Eminem’s life, depicting what it’s like to be an aspiring artist on the streets of Detroit. We’ve got some behind-the-scenes facts about the rap movie and its accuracy in relation to Marshall Mather’s real life.

How old is Eminem 8 Mile?

Eminem, 48, made his acting debut in 8 Mile as Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr., a fictionalized version of himself. The song “Lose Yourself” from its soundtrack won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Does Netflix have 8 Mile?

8 Mile, the semi-biographical 2002 film starring Eminem, is coming to Netflix this month. The film, which featured the track the Oscar-winning hit ‘Lose Yourself’, will be available on the streaming service from August 16.

Is 8 Mile the future?

He would ultimately go on to star in 8 Mile as Future, a character loosely based off of Eminem’s good friend, Proof, In addition to starring alongside Eminem in 8 Mile, Phifer had the opportunity to work with another Hip Hop artist while filming Paid In Full, directed by Charles Stone III.

Why is it called 8 Mile?

Its more popular name is derived from the Detroit area’s mile road system which identifies streets running east-west throughout the region. As the northern border to the City of Detroit, Eight Mile separates the city’s predominately African American urban core from the more white suburbs to the north.

What app can i watch 8 Mile on?

8 Mile, a drama movie starring Eminem, Kim Basinger, and Brittany Murphy is available to stream now. Watch it on HBO Max, Spectrum TV, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Apple TV, Redbox. or VUDU on your Roku device.

Did Eminem really grow up in 8 Mile?

In interviews, Eminem has stated that he grew up on the wrong side of 8 Mile, meaning the Detroit side; but the many biographical records out there show that he moved to the Detroit area with his mother when he was 12 and went to school in Macomb County.

Is 8 Mile a true story?

‘8 Mile’ is partly based on a true story. The movie incorporates many similarities and parallels to Eminem’s experiences with life in Detroit. The title refers to a highway often known as a divide between the rich white inhabitants of Detroit and the poor however predominant black inhabitants.

Where can I watch 8 Mile?

Release Date 2002

  • MPAA Rating R
  • Runtime 1 hr 50 min
  • Language English
  • IMDB Rating 7.1 (262,722)
  • Metascore 77
  • Who is the cast of 8 Mile?

    The theatrical release poster of 8 Mile. 8 Mile is a 2002 American hip-hop drama film, directed by Curtis Hanson and starring Eminem, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy and Mekhi Phifer.