Is 75 RS coin launched by RBI?

Is 75 RS coin launched by RBI?

Rs 125: The PMO released a commemorative coin on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose this year. Rs 75: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October 2020 released a commemorative coin of Rs 75 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Does RBI issue one rupee notes and coins?

Coins in India are presently being issued in denominations of 50 paise, one rupee, two rupees, five rupees, ten rupees and twenty rupees.

Can I buy old coins from RBI?

Cautioning the general public “not to fall prey to fictitious offers of buying/ selling of old banknotes and coins,” the RBI said the central bank does not deal in such matters, and “never seeks charges/ commissions of any sort.” …

What is the RBI note refund rule 2009?

Reserve Bank of India (Note Refund) Rules, 2009 – Delegation of powers (a) In terms of Section 28 read with Section 58 (2) of Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, no person is entitled as a right to recover from the Government of India or RBI the value of any lost, stolen, mutilated or imperfect currency note of the GOI or banknote.

Do banks in India accept coins in their branches?

The bank branches should accept coins in exchange of notes. They should accept coins of all denominations which are legal tender under the Indian Coinage Act, 1906 from any member of public without any restriction and pay the value in notes.

Where can I find the master circular of the RBI?

This Master Circular is placed in our website Encl. As above Master Circular – Facility for Exchange of Notes and Coins dated July 01, 2019 1. Facility for exchange of notes and coins at bank branches

What are the facilities available for exchange of notes and coins?

1. Facility for exchange of notes and coins at bank branches All branches of banks in all parts of the country should provide the following customer services, more actively and vigorously to the members of public so that there is no need for them to approach the RBI Regional Offices for this purpose: