How wide is a commercial bathroom stall?

How wide is a commercial bathroom stall?

A standard toilet stall will be 36” wide by 60” deep with a 24” wide door. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), bathrooms usually require one larger stall designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

How narrow can a bathroom stall be?

Standard bathroom stall sizes rarely vary and tend to be 36 inches wide and 60 inches deep. However, stall depth can be anywhere between 48 inches to 78 inches as needed. These stalls also have a toe clearance of a minimum of nine inches from the finished floor for the front and at least one side partition.

How tall is a standard bathroom stall?

55-inches tall
A standard stall panel can be 55-inches tall and placed so that the bottom of the panel is 14-inches above the floor. Since panels can be of varying heights, including custom heights, it’s good to become familiar with the types of partitions you are considering.

Why are handicap stalls at the end?

First off, as a practical matter washing facilities are the last station in the order of things. Also, Handicap persons are allotted more space in order to accommodate any special needs and equipment such as wheeled chairs and so it makes more architectural sense in terms of the bathroom/restroom placing.

How wide is a urinal stall?

For starters, urinal partitions are usually 24 inches wide and between 42 and 48 inches tall. This standard size provides privacy and a nice, clean look for any restroom, but we also customize urinal partitions to fit any restroom design.

How tall is the average bathroom stall?

How tall are bathroom stalls in feet?

For instance, with any type of partition, all have a standard door and panel height of 58″ (4.8 feet) and sit 12″ off the floor. However, with new preferences for more privacy, we now have 64″ (5.3 feet) high doors and panels or 72″ (6 feet) doors with 76″ (6.3 feet) panels now available.