How to hide and show columns in DataTable?

How to hide and show columns in DataTable?

To hide and show columns use columns() and visible() method. Call it on dataTables instance and pass column index in columns() method and false to visible() method. Similarly, pass true to visible() if you want to show the columns.

How do I hide columns in a table in Excel?

Hide columns

  1. Select one or more columns, and then press Ctrl to select additional columns that aren’t adjacent.
  2. Right-click the selected columns, and then select Hide.

How do I show and hide table columns in angular 9?

1 Answer

  1. To add a classname like cell-id to the ID cell,
  2. Change your date format from yyyy/mm/dd to dd/mm/yyyy.

Does the DataTable hide the columns on the right side?

But the datatable does not hide any columns, not even the columns on the right side as I would expect by default settings. Show activity on this post. You have not added the script required for responsive column hiding.

How do I show/hide hidden columns in a table?

When columns are hidden, Responsive can add a show / hide button to allow the end user to see the information from the hidden columns. Initialisation of Responsive on a table that also uses Editor is as simple as including the Responsive scripts and adding a responsive class to the table, as shown in this example.

How do I add responsiveness to DataTable?

The responsiveness can be added by specifying class=’responsive’ in the HTML or by setting the responsive option as true while initializing Datatable. The automatic column hiding will happen from the right by default. That is, the rightmost columns will be hidden when the viewport width is getting smaller.

How do I initialize a DataTable with automatic column hiding?

The following script shows how to initialize a Datatable with automatic column hiding by setting responsive as true and defining column priority. In this example, it has five columns First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone and DOB. I set priority 1 and 2 to the columns First Name and DOB respectively.