How to get platinum as support?

How to get platinum as support?

Tips to get platinum as a support player

  1. to win match you need at least one winning lane, no matter which.
  2. play more than 2-3 supports.
  3. take the combo pick with your adc, to win your lane as it has synergy with point 1.
  4. Vision is key to win in this role.
  5. Learn how to position yourself on lane.

How to reach diamond in LoL?

Anyone can reach Diamond if he has a decent computer, a stable internet connection and two hands. All you need to do is to: get into a good mental state, pick the right champion, win lane then make good macro decisions. Sounds easy right? Well… Only 1% of League of legends players reach Diamond so it’s not that easy.

Why was LoLKing shut down?

However, the time spent on LoL was not enough, the lack of development and Riot / Tencent failing to take advantage of their relationship ultimately led to LoLKing’s downfall.

What happened to LoLKing Reddit?

Lolking died when they gave their site a new design and it slowed everything down.

Is platinum hard LoL?

If you shore up enough of your weaknesses, practice enough, and make sure you are getting enough games in to actually climb, then you will. That being said, if you don’t practice and analyze your own play, and instead rely on strictly talent and luck, then yes, it is extremely difficult to get to Platinum.

How hard is it to get platinum?

Platinum is not a hard metal. It is 4 – 4.5 on the MOHs scale of hardness. This means it can be scratched by anything harder than it is. That’s about the same hardness as your fingernail.

Is Diamond hard LoL?

It only takes many games and you will slowly get there as you get better. to reach diamond you will need to start sacrificing some fun to actually do what your team needs. But I would say its not really a job getting to diamond. After diamond 3, in my opinion, it starts becoming a job.