How thick should a fuel cell be?

How thick should a fuel cell be?

What is the wall thickness of Polyethylene fuel cells? The general wall thickness is 3/16″.

How many gallons is a fuel cell?

Fuel Safe’s universal fuel cells range from 5 gallons to 44 gallons with your choice of any one of our certified safety fuel bladders.

Is a fuel cell street legal?

Currently, fuel cells are not legal for use on vehicles operated on public roads. Any cop worth his doughnuts, however, will issue you a citation for having a fuel cell installed on your truck if he or she catches you on a public street.

Why use a fuel cell in a race car?

Safety fuel cells are required in most forms of racing because they are an important piece of safety equipment. Safety fuel cells work just like the gas tank on your street car, but they are designed to prevent spilled fuel in the event of a racing incident.

Is aluminum good for fuel tanks?

An aluminum tank (unlike a fiberglass tank), being a good conductor of electricity, can be easily grounded to the aircraft ground during refueling, thereby eliminating the risk of static electricity build-up.

Why choose fuel safe for racing fuel cells?

From Circle Track to Off Road, NASCAR, and beyond, Fuel Safe provides the right choice for racing fuel cells. Fuel Safe sets the precedent for fuel cells, bladders, and fueling technology. We use the highest quality materials on standard cells, including: Aircraft grade aluminum nut-ring. Billet aluminum fill caps.

What sizes do the fuel cells come in?

All of our economy cells have the option of a can made from 20 gauge steel powder coated in red. Sizes: 8, 11, 15, 22-long, 22-short & 32 gallons. Our drag racing cells with sumps, come in a variety of shapes and capacities.

Why choose Harmon Racing cells for a fuel cell?

Looking for a fuel cell that won’t leave you stranded? Here at Harmon Racing Cells we believe in pushing the boundaries of what a fuel cell could be and how it can optimize your vehicle for both safety and performance. To us, a fuel cell is more than just an important safety feature; it’s the key to unlocking the full potential of your motor.

What are the different types of fuel cell accessories?

Our drag cells have sump fittings and safety foam. There is also the option of three different caps. Sizes: 4, 5, 8, 12 & 15 gallons. We have a variety of fuel cell accessories including, different style caps for all our cells, fast fill valves, rollover vent kits, and recessed fender fills.