How old is Kayley from Quest for Camelot?

How old is Kayley from Quest for Camelot?

Though many fans have assumed Kayley is approximately 18 years old, it’s more likely that she is 20. At the beginning of the movie, Sir Lionel tells her that “On the very day you were born” Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.

Is Garrett blind in Quest for Camelot?

Cary Elwes as Garrett, a blind hermit who helps Kayley save Camelot.

Is there a Quest for Camelot 2?

Quest for Camelot II is a direct-to-DVD sequel to Quest for Camelot.

What company produced Quest for Camelot?

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros.
Quest for Camelot/Production companies

What year did Quest for Camelot come out?

May 15, 1998 (USA)Quest for Camelot / Release date

What does Garrett learn from Kayley about his father?

Whilst stopping for camp at night, Kayley teaches Garrett to rise above his pain when she mentions her father Sir Lionel, Garrett tells her that when he was a stable boy, a horse accidentally blinded him during a fire, Sir Lionel trained him with skills that he could survive. Kayley and Garrett developing a romantic mutual attraction together.

Who is Kayley from quest for Camelot?

Kayley is the protagonist of Warner Bros. 1998 film Quest for Camelot. She was voiced by Jessalyn Gilsig and her singing voice was provided by Andrea Corr. She is a slender, young woman with fair skin, long dark red hair and brown eyes. When she was a child, she wore a grey long-sleeved tunic with a blue cape, grey pants and dark grey shoes.

Do Kayley and Garrett kiss at the wedding?

Carrying her father Sir Lionel’s shield, given to her by Lady Juliana, Kayley finally fulfills her dream of knighthood and glory. Handing off her shield to the king, she and Garrett then dance at their ceremony and share their first kiss.

What does Kayley’s haranguing do to Garrett?

Her haranguing prevents Garrett from hearing Ayden’s warning that Ruber and his men have caught up. Ruber shoots an arrow and wounds Garrett, leaving Kayley to provoke the nearby trees into grabbing at Ruber and his men.