How much pholcodine is lethal?

How much pholcodine is lethal?

Toxicological analysis showed a pholcodine blood level of 2500 ng ml−1 (a lethal dose is >1000 ng ml−1, extrapolated from animal studies). Pholcodine is an opioid derivate with a central antitussive effect that is indicated for unproductive cough in adults.

What ingredients are in pholcodine?

Contents of the pack and other information What Pholcodine Linctus contains: The active substance is Pholcodine BP 5 mg/5 ml. The other ingredients are citric acid monohydrate, saccharin sodium, propylene glycol, sodium benzoate (E211) , carboxymethylcellulose, sunset yellow (E110 ), sorbitol (E420) and purified water.

What is Linctus made of?

Codeine Linctus contains Quinoline Yellow Solution Compound which contains Sunset Yellow (E110) and Quinoline Yellow (E104). Sunset Yellow may cause allergic reactions.

How effective is Pholcodine Linctus?

Pholcodine Linctus works well on an irritating, dry and tickly cough, by providing soothing relief. As a cough suppressant, it stops the urge to cough and also relieves chest irritation. Pholcodine is the active ingredient and is related to other opioids such as codeine or morphine.

Who Cannot take pholcodine?

Each 5ml of oral solution contains Pholcodine 5 mg….Do not take:

  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • If you have liver or kidney failure.
  • If you have difficulty breathing.
  • If you have long-term lung problems or an infection which produces lots of phlegm on the chest.

Is pholcodine a derivative of codeine?

Cough and Common Cold Antitussives may be divided into different groups; opiates such as codeine, opiate derivatives such as dextromethorphan and pholcodine, sedating antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, and herbal and traditional medicines.

Can you overdose on simple Linctus?

Overdose with this preparation is unlikely to occur due to the low concentrations of the active substance, however in the event of an overdose, treatment should be symptomatic. None.

Can you buy Pholcodine over the counter?

You can buy Pholcodine Linctus Over The Counter Over The Counter using our easy to use ordering system but you will be required to answer a short series of questions, these questions are asked to make sure the medicine is the correct one and it is safe for your own personal use.

How strong is pholcodine?

Pholcodine is found in certain cough lozenges, and more commonly as an oral solution, typically 5 mg / 5 ml. Adult dosage is 5-10 ml up to 3-4 times daily. Pholcodine now largely replaces the previously more common codeine linctus, as it has a much lower potential for dependence.

Does pholcodine contain opiates?

Pholcodine and anhydrous morphine are both opioids. Medsafe therefore requests that Medicines Classification Committee (MCC) considers reclassification of dextromethorphan, opium tincture, squill oxymel and pholcodine containing products to Pharmacist-Only (restricted) medicines.

Can you drive while taking dexamphetamine?

Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how Aspen Dexamfetamine affects you. It may cause dizziness in some people and therefore may affect alertness.