How much is the Wah Lok takeaway dim sum set?

How much is the Wah Lok takeaway dim sum set?

At $51.35, the Wah Lok Takeaway Dim Sum Set was good for 4 persons. That worked out to just below $13 per person. That was quite a good price for a satisfying dim sum meal from Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant.

Why choose Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel?

AMBIENCE: Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel is a spacious, modern and stylish restaurant, accommodating up to 280 guests in its main dining room and 8 private rooms. Its posh interior and pleasant atmosphere make the restaurant an ideal place for any business and private dining, corporate functions or family dinners and leisure gatherings.

Where to eat dim sum in Carlton Hotel?

Self-collection is at Carlton Hotel main entrance via Bras Basah Road. For those who drive, pick up is possible without leaving the car. There are several Wah Lok Takeaway Dim Sum Sets on the menu. We opted for 午市点心餐 Dim Sum Set A ($51.35).

Where to eat dim sum in Sydney?

Chinese, Dim Sum Since 1988, Wah Lok at the Carlton Hotel has set the standard for fine Cantonese dining. For a restaurant of such pedigree, it exudes a tremendous amount of contemporary elegance while keeping the food fastidiously traditional. As you might expect of a Cantonese restaurant, seafood reigns high on th

Can you get a table at Wah Lok Cantonese restaurant?

In normal circumstances, it is difficult to get a table at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, especially on weekends. We were thus very happy that the special Wah Lok Takeaway Dim Sum Set allowed us to enjoy the legendary dim sum from the comfort of home.

How much does dim sum cost in Singapore?

Wah Lok has a good range of dim sum available for lunch. The average price of most items is $6.90 for three pieces. Not too bad, but this is at the higher end of dim sum prices in Singapore. There is also a menu for daily specials where we noticed that there is a March special for whole Peking ducks going for $48 each which sounds like a good deal.

Does Wah Lok’s baked barbecued pork bun taste as good as we remember?

The legendary Baked Barbecued Pork Bun was of course the standout item. However, it did not taste as good as we remembered it when we ate at Wah Lok (see our post Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant – Weekend special and dim sum ).