How much is the Beatles Yellow Submarine album worth?

How much is the Beatles Yellow Submarine album worth?

Export copies of Yellow Submarine have an Odeon label on the record as well as an Odeon sticker on the back of the sleeve covering the “Apple” logo. A mega-rare Beatles collectible and thus worth $2,000.

Is Yellow Submarine a real album?

Yellow Submarine is the tenth studio album by English rock band the Beatles, released on 13 January 1969 in the United States and on 17 January in the United Kingdom. It was issued as the soundtrack to the animated film of the same name, which premiered in London in July 1968.

Who originally sang Yellow Submarine?

Ringo Starr
“Yellow Submarine” is a 1966 song by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon-McCartney), with lead vocals by Ringo Starr….Yellow Submarine.

“Yellow Submarine”
Length 2:38
Label Parlophone
Writer(s) Lennon-McCartney
Producer George Martin

Why are there two Yellow Submarine albums?

Yellow Submarine was recorded for Revolver. Later it was decided to make an animated film about the Beatles, and Yellow Submarine was chosen as the title, so that had to be on the soundtrack album.

Who designed the Yellow Submarine album cover?

Heinz Edelmann
Heinz Edelmann, the multifaceted graphic designer and illustrator who created the comically hallucinogenic landscape of Pepperland as art director for the 1968 animated Beatles film “Yellow Submarine,” died on Tuesday in Stuttgart, Germany.

What was on the B side of the Yellow Submarine album?

Yellow Submarine (song) “Yellow Submarine” is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1966 album Revolver. It was also issued on a double A-side single, paired with “Eleanor Rigby”.

Who wrote Yellow Submarine lyrics?

John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Yellow Submarine/Lyricists

Who sings Yellow Submarine from the Beatles?

The BeatlesYellow Submarine / Artist

How much is Sgt Pepper’s album worth?

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has been bought at auction in the US for $290,500 (£191,000). The selling price far exceeded the $30,000 (£19,700) originally estimated for the rare LP record.

What is the meaning of the Yellow Submarine Song?

“Yellow Submarine” is a children’s song written mainly by Paul. It is a nonsense song that has nothing whatsoever to do with drugs. It was the flip side of the “Eleanor Rigby” single released in 1966, and was included on the album “Revolver.” The single went to #2 in the U.S. Paul wrote it specifically for Ringo to sing.

Who sang the song Yellow Submarine?

Yellow Submarine is a song from the album Revolver. It also appeared on the Beatles movie with the same name. It was written by Paul McCartney and sung by Ringo Starr (who, it would seem, sang most of the “whimsical” songs written by the Beatles).

Who wrote the Beatles song Yellow Submarine?

Yellow submarine, yellow submarine. “Yellow Submarine” is a 1966 song by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon-McCartney), with lead vocals by Ringo Starr. It was included on the Revolver album and issued as a single, coupled with “Eleanor Rigby”.

When was Yellow Submarine released?

Yellow Submarine, an Album by The Beatles. Released 13 January 1969 on Apple (catalog no. SW 153; Vinyl LP). Genres: Psychedelic Pop, Pop Rock, Film Soundtrack, Film Score.