How much is shipping to Hawaii from California?

How much is shipping to Hawaii from California?

For example, a 2lb package being sent from Los Angeles to Hawaii with UPS Ground is $45.33; but, the same shipment going from Los Angeles to New York is just $14.28.

How do I ship a package from California to Hawaii?

USPS is the Best All Around Option In fact, USPS is the ONLY shipping carrier that treats shipping to Hawaii the same as shipping to any other state in the country. Therefore, you won’t pay more than the regular domestic prices for any USPS mail class!

What is the cheapest way to ship a package to Hawaii?

USPS is the cheapest and UPS shipping rates are the most expensive. By mailing your items, you are able to get them here in as little as 3-6 days, and you can track and insure your packages. Basically, it will be more affordable to ship your belongings to Hawaii, while mailing them will be more expensive.

How do I ship to Hawaii?

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How much is it to ship a car to Hawaii from California?

In general, shipping a car from California to Hawaii costs anywhere from $1,300 (Port-to-Door) to $2,200 (Door-to-Port). The best way to know how much it will cost you to ship your vehicle to Hawaii is to use our Auto Transport Calculator.

Does USPS flat rate go to Hawaii?

Domestic Priority Mail Flat-Rate Packaging Information n Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands at domestic prices.

Is shipping USPS to Hawaii more expensive?

USPS is the lowest cost carrier option to Hawaii As a result, their shipping rates are the same to and from Hawaii as they are in the 48 continental states. A USPS Priority Mail shipment from New York to Maui costs the same price as if you’re shipping the package from New York to New Jersey.

Can I ship USPS flat rate to Hawaii?

What shipping companies ship to Hawaii?

What are the top recommended freight shipping companies in Hawaii?

  • Pasha: (808) 523-8625. Pasha Hawaii is one of the main shipping companies in Hawaii.
  • Sause Bros: (808) 521-5082.
  • Young Brothers: (808) 543-9311.
  • Dependable Hawaiian Express: (808) 841-7311.
  • Honolulu Freight Service: 877-744-7437.

Does fully ship to Hawaii?

Most items can be shipped to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii too, but some restrictions apply. Please check the product page to ensure an item can be shipped to your location. For most products, the displayed shipping cost includes duties, taxes, and clearance, meaning no surprise fees to pay upon delivery.

How long does shipping take from California to Hawaii?

The barges that regularly travel from California to Hawaii transporting goods and sometimes mail generally take three weeks. Not an efficient way to get your mail, so usually mail is sent by air. Private boats are going to vary tremendously depending on the size of the boat, source of power, experience of the sailors and weather conditions.

Is there a ferry from California to Hawaii?

The only ferries between the islands are the commuter ferries between Lahaina on Maui to Manele Harbor on Lanai and from Lahaina to Kaunakakai Harbor on Molokai. Hawaii is over 2,000 nautical miles from California, way to far for a ferry.

Can you take a ferry from California to Hawaii?

You’ll have lots of time to practice saying “aloha” if you decide to take a boat from Hawaii to the mainland. It’s over 2,500 miles from the West Coast to Hawaii, and no ferry boats ply this distance.

How long is boat trip from California to Hawaii?

To see what departures there are from the U.S., try San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle. A 14 or 15 day cruise, return from California, will give you 4 (or 5 max) days on Hawaii and 8 sea days (4 each way).