How much is James Bonds DB5 worth?

How much is James Bonds DB5 worth?

The found Aston Martin is reportedly worth $25 million. The Aston Martin DB5 is one of the most famous cars in the world.

Was the James Bond DB5 found?

The iconic 1963 DB5, which agent 007 famously piloted in both Goldfinger and Thunderball, mysteriously vanished from a secure hangar at Florida’s airport in Boca Raton back in the late ’90s. Now, some 25 years later, the long-lost grand tourer has been found by Art Recovery International, as reported by the Telegraph.

What year is Bonds DB5?

That’s wonderful news! A 1963 Aston Martin DB5 originally used in the filming of the James Bond film Goldfinger has reportedly been found. As we reported before, Chassis No.

How much is an Aston Martin DB5?

The Aston Martin DB5 may not be a car for the masses, and the automaker targeted only a specific category of buyers. A pristine quality (Concours) DB5 can rack in up to $1.3 million, whereas an excellent build will go for $990,000. Even a fair-quality DB5 would cost around $579,000.

What Aston Martin did James Bond drive?

Since 1964, the pun-dropping secret-agent James Bond has been famously associated with one sleek silver car; the Aston Martin DB5. This is the car with machine guys hidden behind its blinkers, sported a bulletproof shield, an oil slick to shake-off pursuers, special wheel blades, and yes, that famous ejector seat.

What was James Bonds original car?

The First Bond Car Was Actually This Monster Bentley. James Bond is almost synonymous with Aston Martin, and his newest ride, the Aston Martin DB10, is a gorgeous one-off created specifically for…

What cars did James Bond drive?

The DB5 has been the most famous James Bond vehicle—and one of history’s most famous movie cars—ever since. With the introduction of a new Bond in 1968 came a new Aston Martin DBS for him to drive.