How much is Hublot Geneve Big Bang?

How much is Hublot Geneve Big Bang?

Prices at a Glance: Hublot Big Bang

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
Tourbillon Titanium, 405.NX.0137.LR 79,000 USD
Unico Perpetual Calendar Magic Gold, 406.MC.0138.RX 50,000 USD
Unico 45 Sapphire, 411.JX.4802.RT 48,500 USD
Unico GMT King Gold, 771.OM.1170.RX 35,000 USD

Does Hublot Big Bang hold its value?

There’s a reason Hublot watches don’t hold their value in the resale market. They are composed of nothing. There’s a reason you can buy a $10k Hublot for $5k brand new, and a $5k used Hublot for $2k.

What is the cheapest Hublot watch?

The most affordable watch in the collection is the Classic Fusion Titanium, which costs $7,400 for any model – Titanium, Opalin, Blue Titanium, Racing Grey Titanium. As an entry-level watch, it uses Hublot automatic movement (HUB1112).

What is Big Bang watch?

The Big Bang Collection is comprised of watches that are made with a fusion of materials that Hublot is known for. The original Big Bang was named the Hublot Big Bang UNICO watch. In the collection, there is a series of watches with a round stainless steel case and a profile diameter of 44mm.

How can you tell if a Hublot watch is real?

Run your finger over the Hublot logo on the clasp; the logo should be engraved, never etched or printed. 3. Read carefully. Study the dial which should read “Swiss Made.” And examine the markings on the movement itself.

Which is better Hublot or Omega?

Omega Prices start at less than half the price of a Hublot. Hublot makes all sorts of watches and although they aren’t as famous as Omega who has a few iconic watches such as the Moonwatch and the James Bond watches, they are considered a more prestigious brand by watch lovers and collectors the world over.

Is Hublot a good watch?

Is Hublot a good watch? Yes. An excellent one. There is a direct correlation though between the value of a brand, the recognition of a brand, and the resale value.

How much is the price of Hublot watch?

Prices at a Glance: Hublot Watches

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire, 905.JX.0001.RT 544,000 USD
MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis, 909.NX.1120.RX 150,000 USD
Techframe Chronograph Tourbillon Ferrari, 408.OI.0123.RX 134,000 USD
Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days, 405.NX.0137.LR 76,500 USD

What is Big Bang Hublot watch?

Big Bang is an exquisite watch model from the Swiss luxury watch brand – Hublot. The Hublot Big Bang collection was unveiled at Basel in 2005 and within a short span, this Hublot flagship collection received a lot of acclamation from watch enthusiasts all around the world.

How much does a Hublot smartwatch cost?

Hublot released the first smartwatch in the company’s history for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia: the Big Bang Referee. This watch was limited to 2,018 pieces and costs about 6,300 USD. The colorful Broderie, Pop Art, and Tutti Frutti models were part of the Big Bang collection until 2017.

How much does the Hublot Big Bang 39 cost?

The case of the 38-mm model comes in gold, steel, or ceramic and is ornamented with diamonds. This timepiece goes for anywhere from 8,800 to 17,500 USD. The Big Bang 39 is also known as the ‘One Click.’ Hublot has equipped it with a system that makes changing its band quick and easy.

What is the best 18K gold watch for women?

Hublot MDM Classic 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Watch “FRESH SERVICE… Hublot Big Bang One Click Pop Art King Gold 18kt Rose Gold… Hublot Classic Fusion 565.NX.7170.RX Titanium With Blue Rubber… Hublot Big Bang Quartz 38mm Ladies UNWORN Watch 361.SX.1270.R… Hublot Blue Sapphire One Click 39mm w Diamonds Ltd. Ed. B&P…