How much is a X26P Taser?

How much is a X26P Taser?

The X26P is priced at $849.95. A variety of power magazine options including TASER CAM HD, PPM, APPM, and XPPM are sold separately to allow agencies to customize their device configuration.

Who makes X26 Taser?

TASER International, Inc.
It was created by TASER International, Inc. in 2011 after their popular X26 model and the similar but bulkier and heavier X3. The X2 Defender, unlike previous CEWs, can shoot two cartridges and is semi-automatic.

When was the X26 Taser made?

In 2003 the first Shaped Pulse weapon, the TASER X26 was introduced.

How much is the X26 stun gun?

Hundreds of police chiefs and sheriffs all prefer the incredible stopping power, decades of exceptional reliability, and extreme economy found only in the TASER® X26 – yours complete at only $599.00.

How strong is the X26 TASER?

Early specifications said the X26 delivered 100 microcoulombs per pulse. The X26 offers “the highest degree of takedown power ever available with the same level of safety,” Taser said in information distributed to police instructors in January 2004.

How strong is the X26 Taser?

How does a Taser X26 work?

When the officer deploys the TASER ECW in probe mode, and the two probes attach to the suspect’s clothing or skin, the device will send a pulsating electrical charge. The contact points on the TASER X26 ECW are only 1.6” apart, not enough to achieve the effects of a good probe spread.

Can I carry a Taser in Indiana?

Yes. However, stun guns and Tasers are regulated differently in Indiana. Stun guns are legal to purchase and possess without a license for anyone at least 18 years old. Tasers can only be carried with a valid concealed carry license.

What is the Taser X26P?

The TASER X26P is our smallest and most compact Smart Weapon, and builds off of the legacy of the TASER X26E. Keep your communities safer and save critical budget by bundling our products and services.

Can law enforcement agencies buy Taser cartridges of other lengths?

Only Law Enforcement agencies can buy cartridges of other lengths. After the cartridge is fired, are you completely defenseless? All TASER energy weapons are equipped with back-up stun gun features to be used after the cartridge has been deployed.

Do all TASER energy weapons have backup stun guns?

All TASER energy weapons are equipped with back-up stun gun features to be used after the cartridge has been deployed. Do the probes need to hit a specific area to be effective?

Is the civilian X26P the same as the law enforcement grade X 26p?

Other than the length of the cartridge that is available to consumers, the civilian X26P is 100% identical to the Law Enforcement grade X26P.