How much is a StarTimes decoder only?

How much is a StarTimes decoder only?

Startimes recently introduced a decoder that costs only UGX 8,000.

How much is StarTimes decoder in South Africa?

If you are new to the subscription to TV services, you have to get the StarSat 3 HD decoder. The device goes for R499 after a 17% cut from R599. You also get a free dish and installation. Installation is free only when one does not reside in a security estate, and if the installation is not business-based.

How much is start time now?

SD Decoder == N8, 000 – N10, 000. HD Decoder == N11, 000 – N15, 500. Combo Decoder == N12, 000 – N14,000.

How much is StarTimes Classic?

How much is StarTimes classic subscription? This bouquet costs 2,500 Naira a month and it contains 24 TV channels: ST Adepa.

How much is StarTimes monthly?

StarTimes Kenya also has the HD Combo decoder to receive DTH and DDT signals. The decoder retails at the cost of Ksh 1,999 and comes with a free one-month DTH Super Bouquet and one-month DTH Unique Bouquet….DTH Bouquets.

Bouquet Monthly Fee Channels
Super Ksh 1,499 26 Channels

Which country owns StarTimes?


Native name 四达时代
Founder Pang Xinxing
Headquarters Beijing , China
Products StarSat TopStar StarTimes DTT StarTimes ON StarTimes GO
Number of employees 5,000

Does StarTimes have free channels?

StarTimes Kenya provides both the pay and Free to Air (FTA) set-top boxes to its customers. The Free to Air set-top boxes do not accrue monthly subscription charges. Subscribers are only expected to pay once after which they can access all local TV and radio stations.

Can StarTimes work without antenna?

The most amazing thing about Startimes is that it does not necessarily require an antenna nor a dish. Provided the decoder is set up within areas covered by the signal, you can be sure to expect nice cable TV flow without any hitch.

How much is Startimes monthly?

What are the packages in Startimes?

Startimes Nigeria Bouquet, Channels, And Prices

  • Startimes Nova Bouquet (N900/month)
  • Startimes Basic Bouquet (N1700/month)
  • Startimes Classic Bouquet (N2500/month)
  • Startimes Nova Bouquet (N900/month)
  • Startimes Smart Bouquet (N2200/month)
  • Startimes Super Bouquet (N4200/month)
  • Startimes Chinese Bouquet (N6600/month)

What are the different types of StarTimes decoders?

The types of Startimes decoders include SD decoder, the HD decoder and the Combo decoder. All of these decoders have the same numbers of channels, depending on the package /bouquet you are subscribed to. They are very cheap and easy to get from the market.

Why choose StarTimes for decoders in Nigeria?

Startimes has relatively cheap monthly packages and that’s one of the reasons why 90% of average Nigerians have their decoders in their respective homes. We shall reel out the different packages you can subscribe to as Startimes customer in the subsequent paragraphs.

Why should you choose StarTimes for your decoders?

This is because their signals are now sharper and clearer than what it used to be in time past. Startimes has relatively cheap monthly packages and that’s one of the reasons why 90% of average Nigerians have their decoders in their respective homes.

Is StarTimes the best cable TV in Nigeria?

To this effect, many cable TVs were introduced into the West African country and one of them was Startimes. Startimes is a TV service provider that gives Nigerians access to over 80 local and international channels. Though it’s not highly rated among the elite citizens of the country, Startimes remains one of the best cable TVs in Nigeria.