How much is a home blast chiller?

How much is a home blast chiller?

The Freddy blast chiller retails for $2,900, and you can head to Irinox to shop and learn more about how it works.

Is using a blast chiller a good cooling method?

Using a blast chiller is the best way to cool large batches of food quickly, without risking contamination.

What would a blast chiller be used for?

A blast chiller is a more specialised piece of equipment created to quickly bring down the temperature of food that has been prepared in bulk to be served later. It’s been designed to be left closed for the whole of its chilling time and to use a programme of chilling and condensation removal for speed and safety.

Can a blast chiller cause contamination?

Is a Blast Chiller a Vehicle of Contamination? The “danger zone” for bacteria is the 41°F to 135°F range, and if food stays in this range for too long, it can become contaminated.

What’s the temperature of a blast chiller?

Blast chillers drop food temperatures from 160 degrees F to 35 degrees F in 4 hours or quicker with some models. Blast chillers bring food temperatures down using a combination of cold and moving air across the product, which expedites the process.

Can I put hot food in blast chiller?

A warm or hot food item placed into a refrigerator may actually raise the temperature inside the unit and jeopardize the safety of other stored foods. In Blast Chillers, all of the food is protected from this risk, as everything is chilled evenly.

Is a blast chiller colder than a freezer?

Blast Chiller vs Freezer The difference between a freezer and a blast chiller is that a freezer holds food at below freezing temperature while a blast chiller cools food quickly by blowing cold air over the food product and gradually dropping the temperature in the chamber.

Can you use a freezer instead of a blast chiller?

Blast Chiller vs Freezer While a blast chiller is not a necessity, it can increase your productivity in the kitchen. A commercial freezer is necessary to keep your food frozen and out of the danger zone, but freezing your food in a commercial freezer will not preserve the quality of your food.

How much time does a blast chiller save?

Blast chillers are designed to bring the core temperature of food from around 160°F or more down to 41°F or less in about 90 minutes. Most units will freeze food in four hours or less. Cutting the time needed to cool food by 75% is a great benefit to any operation.