How much is 37 bhp?

How much is 37 bhp?

a power conversion table

boiler horse- power horse- power
35 460.33
36 473.48
37 486.64
38 499.79

What does 95PS mean in cars?

95PS – PS stands for PferdStarke (literally, ‘horse strength’ in German). This is basically metric horsepower as opposed to the imperial or mechanical measure of horsepower denoted by HP or BHP. SE – This particular make and model defines its trim levels by S, SE and FR.So SE is a mid-range trim level.

What is kW in a car?

Kilowatts (kW) is a measure of power equal to 1000W of energy. Although converted into BHP for acceleration and speed figures kW is a more relevant unit for vehicles that don’t measure fuel or MPG instead measuring Kilowatt Hours and Miles per KiloWatt Hours.

What is BHP vs hp?

One source cites horsepower as the output of a mechanical or electrical system, while the brake horsepower is the output of only the engine (the exact opposite of what we state above). In this definition, hp determines the efficiency of an entire system, while bhp is just for the engine.

What is the best 150hp outboard?

Environmentally friendly. Before going further,it would be prudent to note that all 150hp outboard engines now sold new in Australia meet the very latest non-road spark ignition engines emissions

  • Clean,green and easy to use.
  • Modern 150hp outboard engines.
  • Evinrude E-TEC G2 150hp.
  • Honda BF150.
  • Mercury 150hp.
  • Suzuki DF150A.
  • Yamaha F150.
  • How many amperes is a 150hp motor?

    Since 1 HP is equal to 746 W simply multiply the horsepower by 746 for this conversion. Since motors are not 100% efficient, the number of amps needed to achieve the power output is actually higher depending on the efficiency. To find this, divide the horsepower by the efficiency η in decimal form.

    How do you convert kW to horsepower?

    – kW: Kilowatts or 1000Watts – Hp: Horsepower or horse power – E: Engine efficiency.

    How to convert hp to kW?

    Formulas to convert,calculate,transform from Hp to kW: E: Motor efficiency.

  • Examples of conversions from Hp to kW: Four motors of 1.5 Hp and 80% efficiency are connected to a transformer,how many kW in total have the motors?.
  • Common efficiencies for motor: 1) Design NEMA B,individual speed 1200,1800,3600 RPM.