How much HP does Masamune have?

How much HP does Masamune have?

Masamune Level HP
Defense Evade
127 128
Exp G
500 1500

How much HP does Magus have in Chrono Trigger?


6666 15

How do I fix Masamune Chrono Trigger?

Go to Melchior Go to Melchior’s Hut and talk to him to repair the Masamune. Go downstairs and watch. While you’re in 1000 A.D., go visit Taban, he has a new item for Lucca. Now go to 600 A.D., to the Cursed Woods, and give Frog the Masamune.

How do you beat MUNE and masa?

Target Mune, the one with the purple collar, on the left. Attacking Masa, on the right, will prompt a powerful X-Strike counter-attack. Alternatively, you can use Lucca’s Hypno Wave on her first turn; as long as it immobilizes one of the brothers, simply attack the other and they won’t be able to counter-attack.

What do you do after Masamune?

After the Masamune gets fixed, it’s time to go back to the Cursed Woods in the Middle Ages.

What do you do with a broken Masamune?

On Quest to repair Masamuneedit Head into the Cursed Woods, and show the medal to Frog. He’ll give you the Broken Hilt of the Masamune, which you’ll learn was made by Melchior, a man living in 1000 A.D. at Medina Village. Head out through the woods, remembering to attack the snakes to make them eat the frogs.

How much HP does Flea have in Chrono Trigger?

Boss Battles

HP Defense Magic Defense
4120 150 60
500exp 10 1000
Weak Absorbs Immune

How do you get the Frog back in Chrono Trigger?

Go to Tata’s house, and he’ll tell the truth about him not being the hero. He gives Crono the Hero’s Badge, and says that a Frog-ish creature dropped the badge so it could be Frog’s badge. Then you need to head back to Frog’s Place.

What made Chrono Trigger so good?

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  • How do you get the Golden gemstone in Chrono Trigger?

    Golden Gemstone (also known as Gold Rock in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. Enabling Marle, Frog, and Robo to use the Triple Tech Master Mune, this gem is acquired in Denadoro Mountains after powering up the Masamune. Select Frog as the leading party member and scale the mountain. When the Free Lancer throws an object at the party, Frog will catch the Golden Gemstone.

    Is Chrono Trigger the greatest RPG ever made?

    That said, Chrono Trigger is even now one of the best games ever made to serve as someone’s first RPG. Especially for a kid. It is fun, accessible, and has a ton of great moments throughout the game. It was great for its time and is certainly a landmark title, but it’s not the best.

    How do you defeat the Dragon tank in Chrono Trigger?

    You’ll have to attack one part at a time, using Crono to attack and Lucca to heal. This isn’t an easy fight, so come ready with Tonics and Mid-Tonics, and buckle in for a long battle.