How much does WorldCat cost?

How much does WorldCat cost?

How much does it cost to participate in the WorldCat Registry? Participation in the WorldCat Registry is free for any library or consortium. There is no charge to have your institution represented or to share your information with vendors or other entities.

How much is a World Cat 400?

World Cat offers a range of custom designs for the interior. MSRP for the 400 DC-X is $850,000, but that’s a base price.

Is WorldCat a good boat?

A Smooth Ride No one enjoys the pounding and slamming that can be associated with boating. Our catamarans ride better than any other type of boat, and even excel in rough water. World Cat’s signature planing catamaran hull design brings comfort and ease to the roughest day on the water.

Where are world Catboats made?

Tarboro, North Carolina
Today, World Cat is the largest maker of power catamarans in the world. Located in Tarboro, North Carolina, our boats are precision crafted in a state-of-the-art 140,000 square foot facility.

How much does OCLC cost?

The annual fee, called “Dial Access Authorization,” is $225 per year, billed in July. If service begins before July, OCLC will prorate for the months up to July: $225 divided by 12 months = $18.75 per month.

Is WorldCat free?

OCLC makes WorldCat itself available free to libraries, but the catalog is the foundation for other subscription OCLC services (such as resource sharing and collection management). WorldCat is used by librarians for cataloging and research and by the general public.

Who owns Glacier Bay boats?

Larry Graf, founder of Glacier Bay Catamarans in 1987, founded Aspen Power Catamarans in 2008 when he developed a new revolutionary patented hull design (Power Proa) and drive system for power catamarans. The hulls, while identical in profile, are very different in plan view with one being 35% thinner.

Who bought Glacier Bay?

RALEIGH – HC Composites, a manufacturer of World Cat brand twin-hull boats, is purchasing Glacier Bay Catamarans of Seattle, which makes twin-hull cruising boats, and plans to expand its Tarboro operations by relocating its new brand’s operations to that facility, it reported in a recent statement.

How do I join the OCLC?

If your institution would like to join the OCLC Research Library Partnership, please fill out our Partnership Agreement Form. We will invoice you upon receipt. We will follow up with an orientation for members of your leadership team (this may be virtual, or if it is mutually advantageous, in person).

What does OCLC stand for?

Online Computer Library Center
OCLC Online Computer Library Center is a nonprofit membership organization that promotes cooperation among libraries worldwide.

What is WorldCat best used for? lets you: Find books, music, and videos to check out. Find research articles and digital items (like audiobooks) that can be directly viewed or downloaded. Link to “Ask a Librarian” and other services at your library. Post your review of an item, or contribute factual information about it.