How much does spear education cost?

How much does spear education cost?

$229 a month for a 1 Year subscription.

What does Spear Education do?

Spear is one of the most respected companies in continuing education for dentists, leading the way with an exceptional curriculum, inspired faculty and on-demand learning. Spear also offers turnkey-style Study Clubs for peer-to-peer learning in a dentist’s own community.

Who owns Spear Education?

Linden Capital Partners
Spear Education was acquired by Linden Capital Partners on Aug 19, 2014 .

What is the Spear app used for?

With the recently updated Spear Online mobile app, dentists can download courses for offline viewing, which makes it easier for them to complete their own clinical CE and have greater understanding of the depth of courses, lessons, webinars, team training resources, Patient Education videos and other materials …

How many types of spears are there?

Spears can be divided into two broad categories: those designed for thrusting as a melee weapon and those designed for throwing as a ranged weapon (usually referred to as javelins or darts). The spear has been used throughout human history both as a hunting and fishing tool and as a weapon.

How long is a spear?

The typical medieval infantry-type spear tended to be 7–8 feet long on average. Spears meant for throwing, like javelins, were often shorter.

Who is Frank Spear?

Frank Spear, D.D.S., M.S.D. As co-founder and director of Spear Education, Dr. Spear continues to be recognized as one of the premier educators in esthetic and restorative dentistry in the world. He earned his dental degree at University of Washington in 1979 and an M.S.D. in periodontal prosthodontics in 1982.

Who used spears?

The spear-carrying phalanx, or massed formation of closely ranked men, was used by Sumerian armies as early as 3,000 bc. Two thousand years later the Greeks refined the concept, using pikes 6 to 9 feet (2 to 3 m) long.

Are spears still used today?

As a weapon, it may be wielded with either one or two hands. It was used in virtually every conflict up until the modern era, where even then it continues on in the form of the fixed bayonet on a long gun, and is probably the most commonly used weapon in history.

What is the sentence of spear?

Spear sentence example. The turban and the spear became the banner of the Spanish Omayyads. Here the horse and spear are still used, and the sport is one of the most popular in India. The chief weapons were the sword and spear .