How much does LASIK of Nevada cost?

How much does LASIK of Nevada cost?

The average cost of ALL-LASER wavefront-guided LASIK in Las Vegas is between 2,000 and 2,500 dollars per eye for a total cost of approximately 4000 -5000 dollars.

Is getting LASIK worth it?

LASIK has a high success rate, especially for nearsightedness (myopia). Follow-up studies suggest: 94%-100% of nearsighted people get 20/40 vision or better. 3%-10% of people who get LASIK need another surgery.

Where can I get laser eye surgery in Las Vegas?

LASIK Las Vegas. On top of that, Wellish Vision Institute has been nationally recognized as a Dry Eye Center of Excellence, offering Las Vegas residents some of the most innovative and up to date treatments for moderate to severe dry eye.

Why choose Las Vegas Eye Institute for LASIK?

Las Vegas Eye Institute offers only cutting edge bladeless all-laser LASIK using the advanced iDesign 2.0 system which is custom tailored to your eyes. It can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for eye glasses and contact lenses. LASIK is quick and convenient, and recovery is fast.

Who is the first Las Vegas laser surgeon?

Dr. Wellish is the first surgeon in Nevada to perform laser vision correction (July 1994), and has been honored twice by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and has also been honored by several members of Congress for his work. Dr. Wellish’s published work is used to train surgeons to perform laser vision correction.

Why choose Wellish Vision Institute Las Vegas?

Wellish Vision Institute is the only permanent on-site, all-laser LASIK center in Las Vegas owned and operated by a “Top Doc;” an honor bestowed upon Dr. Wellish by peer physicians on multiple occasions. Our very own Dr. Wellish has also been nationally recognized by Premier Surgeon Magazine for his outstanding work in cataract surgery.