How much does it cost to walk on the Springmaid Pier?

How much does it cost to walk on the Springmaid Pier?

Springmaid Pier, $1 walking fee is free if you stay at Springmaid. Fishing pass $6; Fishing rod rental $8.50 (discount, if staying at Springmaid). Fishing permits included in your paid admission on Myrtle Beach piers.

Is Springmaid Beach Open?

Hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. $12 per day to fish.

Who bought Springmaid?

The Springmaid Beach Resort was purchased by Hilton Hotels in 2016.

Can you smoke on Springmaid Pier?

Surfing is prohibited within 300 feet of the pier. From May 15 to September 15, surfing is allowed only in designated areas, and surfers must always wear a surfing leash. Smoking is prohibited on the beach. Items may not be left on the beach from 9 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Is the Springmaid Pier been rebuilt?

Nearly four years after being ravaged by the Category 1 hurricane, the iconic pier is back—better, stronger and ready to once again serve as a memory-making backdrop for vacationers and locals alike.

Where are Springmaid sheets made?

With manufacturing at 13 plants in Brazil and Argentina, Springs could have sheets and towels in stores faster than if production was done in China. Springs and Coteminas would each own half of Springs Global, and Springs would continue to make Springmaid and Wamsutta products.

When was Doubletree Myrtle Beach built?

Originally built in the late 1940s, the hotel has weathered several hurricanes, and the Springmaid Pier — one of Myrtle Beach’s longest, stretching more than 1,000 feet with a 110-foot “T” at its peak — has been destroyed by storms and rebuilt twice.

Can you drink alcohol on the beach in Myrtle Beach?

Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, along with glass containers and bottles. It is illegal to disturb or damage the dunes, sand fencing or the sea grass oats. Beachgoers are asked to stay on the boardwalk and marked paths.

When did Springmaid Pier reopen?

The iconic Springmaid Pier will officially reopen in the coming weeks after facing severe damage from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, a pier spokesperson said Monday. Maria Hayworth, spokesperson for DoubleTree Resort by Hilton, which oversees the pier, said the reopening will take place no later than July 4.

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