How much does it cost to swim with dolphins at Gulf World?

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins at Gulf World?

Fun to the limit! Behaviors: Foot Push, Dorsal Tow, Hand target, Handshake, Hug, Caresses and Various Activities. Participants (48 inches to 53 inches) $199.99 regular price– must be accompanied in the water by a paying participant 18 yrs + (one on one.)

Does Gulf World have an aquarium?

With 22 Dolphin Habitats, 5 Parks, 1 Aquarium, 1 Marina, 10 Countries and 1 Continents in Dolphin Discovery we seek to share our love, fascination and respect for the incredible marine mammals such as dolphins, manatees and sea lions.

How much does it cost to get into Gulf World Panama City Beach?

Admission costs $29 for adults, $19 for kids ages 5 to 11 and is free for children 4 and younger. You can save $5 per ticket if you purchase admission online at the Gulf World Marine Park website.

Is Gulf World Marine Park inside?

Touch and feed stingrays and explore the indoor and outdoor exhibits that are home to a variety of animal species. Daily shows and educational chats are included with the purchase of general admission or an interactive program! Gulf World is open daily, rain or shine!

What animals does gulf world have?

While you are visiting Gulf World Marine Park you will get to see many of the animals that live there. Including bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, harbor seals, penguins, tropical birds, stingrays, and African penguins and more!

Is there a weight limit for swimming with dolphins?

However, guests should take the following into consideration: the day will involve swimming with water depths ranging from 3 feet to 15 feet. In addition, if you have chosen to participate in the Dolphin swim experience it will be with a live animal weighing in excess of 500 pounds.

Are there dolphins in Panama City Beach?

In Panama City Beach, there are several different species of dolphin that we encounter, but the most common dolphins – and the most well known – are bottlenose dolphins. Inshore dolphins tend to live in groups of about 10.

Where can I see dolphins in Panama City Beach?

Shell Island
Go Where the Dolphins are In Panama City Beach, Shell Island is a great spot to encounter wild dolphin pods. Shell Island is 7 miles of incredible beach bliss located across the water from Saint Andrew’s Park. This natural wonder is one of your best bets for finding and swimming with dolphins in Panama City Beach.

Does Gulf World have sharks?

Enjoy daily live shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, reptiles and tropical birds. Explore our indoor and outdoor tropical gardens showcasing penguins, flamingos, sharks, alligators, sea turtles and more.

Does Gulf World have otters?

Gulf World puts on an exciting dolphin show the kids are going to love. There is also a [somewhat dated] laser light show, a parrot that can ride a tiny bicycle, and super cute sea otters, seals, and more! Pizza and soda are available for purchase in the main building.

Can you go to Gulf World in the rain?

Gulf World is open daily rain or shine! The marine park has daily shows and exhibits as well as a variety of interactive programs to choose from including swimming with dolphins. Both general admission and interactive programs give you an all-day pass to enjoy the park! Live the experience of a lifetime at Gulf World.