How much does it cost to eat at the Space Needle?

How much does it cost to eat at the Space Needle?

The $17 fee to go to the top of the Space Needle is waived for SkyCity diners, but if you think you can have a drink and an appetizer and rotate around enjoying the view, you’re wrong: There’s a minimum food and beverage charge of $35 per guest. The first bite of crab cake has a piece of shell in it.

What happened to the restaurant in the Space Needle?

The restaurant was closed in September 2017 for the $100 million “The Century Project” renovation at the Space Needle, with plans for the dining area to be outfitted with a clear glass floor. The glass floor would enable diners to view the city below them and also the mechanics that operate the revolving floor.

Does the Space Needle serve food?

The Space Needle offers other food and beverage experience for families, and Guests visiting the observation deck. Visit the Experience page for information about other options.

What was sold at the first restaurant?

Who started the first restaurant? “In about 1765, a Parisian ‘bouillon seller’ named Boulanger wrote on his sign: ‘Boulanger sells restoratives fit for the gods’… This was the first restaurant in the modern sense of the term.”

Has the Space Needle restaurant reopen?

Seattle Space Needle’s Loupe Lounge to Reopen April 9 – Eater Seattle.

What kind of food is at the Space Needle?

Located on the upper observation level, Atmos Café features an espresso bar, beer & wine, and local treats from artisans including Pinkabella Cupcakes and Whidbey Island Ice Cream. Atmos Café is currently closed. Check back closer to your visit for updated hours of operation.

Has anyone ever fallen from the Space Needle?

Paul D. Baker was the first person to jump from the Space Needle, committing suicide on March 4, 1974. Mary Lucille Wolf also jumped from the tower that year, on May 25. Following the two 1974 suicides, netting beneath and improved fencing around the observation deck were installed.

Where to eat at the Space Needle?

Sky City is a rotating restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. We went for brunch because they are closing soon to redo the restaurant with a glass floor.

What is Space Needle in Seattle?

Space Needle is a lovely overlook view of Seattle. This is a place for tourists, people who live here, and for businesses special occasions to reserve the restaurant inside the Space Needle.

Where can I host a banquet at the Space Needle?

For off-site catering or for any questions regarding our banquet facility located 10 stories above the ground, please contact our Sales and Catering team. You can give your celebration a real lift by hosting it at Seattle’s premier banquet facility, the SkyLine level at the Space Needle.

Where can I Park at the Space Needle?

The Space Needle’s SkyLine Level is the perfect spot for holiday parties, corporate functions, weddings and receptions, banquets and more. Convenient valet parking located at the base of the Space Needle on 4th Avenue and Broad Street.