How much does it cost to book Band of Oz?

How much does it cost to book Band of Oz?

Houston suggests, “Friday night, have a party. One person can pay $10 to stream it to your TV and family or friends can gather or a viewing party concert.” Band of Oz’s music is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Why did Scott Fine leave the Band of Oz?

The Band of Oz was formed in 1967. The band has been nominated for and has won a number of Cammys (Carolina Beach Music Awards) throughout the years. Due to health issues, Scott Fine decided to leave the band.

What kind of music does Band of Oz play?

Beach Music

Band of Oz
Origin Greenville, North Carolina, United States
Genres Beach Music Carolina Beach Music Soul R&B
Years active 1967-present
Labels Surfside Records

Where is the Band of Oz from?

Greenville, NCBand of Oz / OriginGreenville is the county seat of and the most populous city in Pitt County, North Carolina, United States; the principal city of the Greenville metropolitan area; and the 11th-most populous city in North Carolina. Wikipedia

Who were the original members of the band of Oz?

Members were Chuck French /trumpet, Bob Lynch/sax, Ronnie Forbes/keyboards, Shep Fields/bass, Freddy Tripp (returning)Trumpet, Billy Bazemore/vocals, David Hicks /drums and Keith Houston /guitar. They hit the road traveling extensively in the Southeast playing the club circuit.

Who is lead singer of Band of Oz?

John ThompsonBand of Oz / Lead singer

Who owns the Band of Oz?

Keith Houston Keith started playing guitar in 1964, at the age of nine. In the mid sixties put together the Avengers with some of his friends and school mates. He, along with David Hicks owns Different Drummer Inc. which handles the Band of Oz.

What did JHS band do in 1982?

Their accomplishments include representing New York State at the Festival of States in St. Petersburg, Florida (1982 and 1988). The Band also represented N.Y.S. at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (1984, 1989 and 1995).

When did the band of Oz start?

1967Band of Oz / Active from
Band of Oz was formed in 1967 by a talented group of high school friends. Led by Keith Houston and David Hicks, this exciting ensemble has worn many hats over the years, including booking agent, performing musician, and venue owner.