How much does an MBA at UTSA cost?

How much does an MBA at UTSA cost?

The Executive MBA program cost for the class starting August 2022 is $65,000 for Texas residents and $79,500 for non-residents. * This program cost includes: Tuition.

Does UTSA require GMAT?

Requirement for standardized tests—GRE/GMAT—are waived for Spring 2022 admission. Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts must be submitted with application materials. If your application is successful, official transcripts are required by the end of your first semester.

Does UTSA offer MBA?

Students can complete the MBA by going full-time or part-time, and can switch back and forth between the two (flex program). Our class sizes are small. UTSA ranks 40th in the nation for part-time MBA’s by Business Week.

What is the average class size at UTSA?

If not, the default size for a class is set to 30 students.

Do you need letter of recommendation for UTSA?

Along with your ApplyTexas Application or Common Application, applicants are encouraged to submit at least one essay and two letters of recommendation.

How many hours does an MBA take?

An MBA degree typically requires 60 credit hours.

How do I find my UTSA advisor?

Your Advisor Contact Information is listed under your Student Services tab. (*view step by step instructions). If no assigned advisor is listed in ASAP, students may call 210.458. 4900.

What is an academic advisor at UTSA?

UTSA Academic Advisors offer academic advising and guidance to empower students to realize their full potential. For this reason, each student has an assigned professional academic advisor so the student can establish a strong mentoring relationship with her or his advisor, whom he or she may consult on all academic and curricular issues.

Why UTSA for an MBA?

The UTSA MBA program offers the flexibility to take courses (full-time or part-time) during the evening and with professional peers. Join the top-ranked MBA program in San Antonio. Many of our graduate MBA students are working professionals and the program is a great opportunity to develop your professional network.

Why UTSA Graduate Career Services?

UTSA is the only university in town with a professional and dedicated Graduate Career Services. Approximately, 30% of working professionals reported receiving a promotion with an average salary increase in excess of $11,000. Graduate internship opportunities are available for traditional two-year students.

How do I apply to graduate school at UTSA?

The online application form is available through UTSA’s Graduate School website, and it may be saved and updated until you are ready to pay the application fee and submit. In addition to the application requirements below, applicants must also meet university-wide graduate admission requirements.