How much does a good baritone saxophone cost?

How much does a good baritone saxophone cost?

Beginner baritones usually range in cost from $1,500 to $3,000. Intermediate, or step-up baritones usually range in cost $2,400 to $3,800 and entry level pro trombones (still largely played by advanced students) around $3,800 and up.

Is the baritone saxophone?

It is the lowest-pitched saxophone in common use – the bass, contrabass and subcontrabass saxophones are relatively uncommon. Like all saxophones, it is a single-reed instrument….Baritone saxophone.

Woodwind instrument
Inventor(s) Adolphe Sax
Developed 28 June 1846
Playing range

How tall is a bass saxophone?

It is extremely large (twice the length of tubing of the baritone saxophone, with a bore twice as wide, standing 1.9 meters tall, or 6 feet 4 inches) and heavy (approximately 20 kilograms, or 45 pounds), and is pitched in the key of E♭, one octave below the baritone saxophone.

What key is bari sax in?

E flat
The baritone saxophone is in the key of E flat, meaning that it sounds exactly one octave lower than the alto, and a perfect fifth lower than the tenor. Many modern baritone saxophones go down to a low A, extending the range by one note in comparison to all the other members of the saxophone family.

Is baritone saxophone a bass?

German wind instrument maker Benedikt Eppelsheim has made bass saxophones to low A, similarly to the extension in the baritone saxophone….Bass saxophone.

bass saxophone
Woodwind instrument
Classification Wind, woodwind, aerophone
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 422.212-71 (Single-reed aerophone with keys)

How much does a baritone saxophone cost?

Selmer BS400 Baritone Saxophone $4,999.00 New $1,800.00 Used P. MAURIAT Le Bravo 200b Intermediate Baritone Saxophone $5,124.65 New Yanagisawa BWO10 Baritone Saxophone – Gold Lacquer

How much does a Selmer Bundy baritone saxophone cost?

Vintage Selmer Bundy Baritone Saxophone W/ Case No Neck For Parts/ Repair $799.00 $75.00 shipping Marker lead cutter baritone saxophone $100.56 $13.24 shipping New Yanagisawa B-WO1 (B-WO1) Baritone Saxophone 5 out of 5 stars (1)1 product ratings – New Yanagisawa B-WO1 (B-WO1) Baritone Saxophone $6,589.00 Was: $7,289.00 Free shipping or Best Offer

How much is a 1963 Martin Committee baritone saxophone worth?

Bariton Saxophone Metro made in Italy $600.00 $250.00 shipping or Best Offer 1963 Martin Committee Baritone Saxophone RMC Badge The Martin w/SKB case Restore

What are the best professional Bari saxes to buy?

Amati Professional Bari Saxes Antigua Professional Bari Saxes Buffet Professional Baritone Saxophones Dakota Professional Bari Saxes Jupiter Professional Bari Saxes Keilwerth Professional Baritone Saxophones P. Mauriat Professional Baritone Saxophones Selmer Professional Bari Saxes Yanagisawa Professional Bari Saxes Bass Saxophones