How much does a dash 9 weight?

How much does a dash 9 weight?

425,000 lb
GE Dash 9-44CW

Width 10 ft 3 in (3.12 m)
Height 16 ft 0 in (4.88 m)
Loco weight 425,000 lb (192,800 kilograms) or 212.5 short tons (189.7 long tons; 192.8 t)
Fuel capacity 5,000 US gal (19,000 l; 4,200 imp gal)

What type of locomotives does BNSF use?

GE Dash 9’s and GEVO’s are BNSF’s primarily-used diesel locomotives, and can often be seen on almost every mainline train.

What engines does BNSF use?

Some notable locomotives operating early in BNSFs existence were the GP7, GP9, GP10, GP20, GP30, GP35, SD9, SDP40, SD45, SD45-2, F45, FP45, C30-7 and SF30C. Both roads still used cabless locomotives, rostering EMD’s GP9B, GP38-2B, SD40-2B, and SD45-2Bs, along with General Electric’s B30-7A.

What kind of locomotive does BNSF use?

What color is BNSF?

Since 2005, BNSF’s locomotives feature black instead of dark green paint, reminiscent of the original 1970 Burlington Northern scheme. Most of BNSF’s BN-ordered SD70MAC’s still bear the Executive colors of Grinstein green and cream.

What is the AC4400CW like?

It is like the Dash 9-44CW, but features AC traction motors instead of DC, with a separate inverter per motor. In appearance, the AC4400CW is somewhat similar to GE’s more powerful locomotive, the AC6000CW.

When did the GE AC4400CW diesel locomotive come out?

The GE (General Electric) AC4400CW is a high-powered six-axle, AC-traction 4,400hp diesel locomotive built from 1994 to 2004 (first introduced in 1993). An example of an early CP (Canadian Pacific) ‘hi-aid’ trucked AC4400CW.

What does the C44-9W mean?

In regards to the C44-9W: “C” referred to a six-axle (C-C) locomotive. “44” designated the horsepower rating (in this case, 4,390). “9” indicated that the “Dash 9” line was introduced in 1993.

How much horsepower does a C44 9W have?

The C44-9W was also the most powerful offered in the Dash 9 series, boasting 4,400 horsepower (listed at only 4,390 horsepower). The first units to roll out Erie included a group of 65 completed for the Chicago & North Western between November, 1993 and January, 1994.